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Which two books by Ryū Murakami would you recommend to someone who’s never read ANY of his books?
deleted member May 27, 2020 04:58AM
Ryū MurakamiI’m currently looking into his books and I don’t really have the funds for no more than two of his books. Which two would you recommend for someone who has never read any of his books? Also, I don’t mind any of the topics that are used in his writing, I just want an opinion on what would be a better read for me from him.

Coin Locker Babies is a bit extreme for your first one, the first sentence is probably the worst thing I've ever read. In the Miso Soup is a better place to start, and I also liked Popular Hits of the Showa Era, although it gets a bit out of hand very quickly. Another good one, although not so weird, is 69.

My favorite was Piercer (make sure you read the book and NEVER watch the movie) and Popular Hits of the Showa Era.

I would recommend Coin Locker Babies and In The Miso Soup.

In the Miso Soup is quick and it's one of his best, probably the best introduction to his style. I really love From the Fatherland, With Love but how much you enjoy it might depend on how interested you are in North Korea and Japan's position in world politics.

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