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Michele Pauldo | 23 comments Mod
I have several close friends who have experienced losing their Mothers, at various ages and stages of life. I’ve listened to the stories and memories from those who were old enough to remember and looked at pictures with those that were too young to have any recollection. Regardless, it is a painful loss and an unfortunate yet defining moment in their lives.

The Butler siblings all experienced the same loss but at different ages. How do you think this effected them individually and collectively?

“ Skin-scorching grease popping as she put the floured, salted, peppered, and paprikaed chicken parts in the skillet with steady hands that had done this hundreds of times before. I wanted to see her do it hundreds and hundreds of times more. How could a God say, No, there’ll be no more for you?” - Althea

message 2: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly | 21 comments Loss can affect you differently depending on the circumstances, when it happened, what was going on in your own life, your age, etc. Lillian was the baby and hardly remembered her mother which is why I think she could accept being raised by her father. Althea was prepared by her mother to be the woman in charge and had the ability to spend the most time with her so her experience with her mother was very different. Joe suffered a lot from his Mother dying and I do believe the took all of that out on Lillian. It's not an excuse for his behavior but I do believe it's the source.

My mother died a month and a half before I turned 29. My sister was 15. We have very different experiences and memories of her and experienced her death VERY differently.

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