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Elizabeth | 481 comments Of My NetGalley List Part 2
Bears Behaving Badly (BeWere My Heart, #1) by MaryJanice Davidson Some Choose Darkness (Rory Moore/Lane Phillips, #1) by Charlie Donlea Witness Protection Widow (Winchester, Tennessee #5) by Debra Webb Paris Never Leaves You by Ellen Feldman The Other People by C.J. Tudor The Scent of Murder (Jazz Ramsey, #1) by Kylie Logan The Family Next Door by Fiona Cummins The Empires of Luxor City by Sasha Hope The Violent Abuse of Women in 17th and 18th Century Britain by Geoffrey Pimm Before He Vanished (Winchester, Tennessee #6) by Debra Webb Just Watch Me by Jeff Lindsay Three Widows and a Corpse (A Food Blogger Mystery Book 3) by Debra Sennefelder The Backstabbers (Red Ryan #2) by William W. Johnstone The Heart of a Woman The Life and Music of Florence B. Price by Rae Linda Brown Ten Days Gone (A.L. McKittridge #1) by Beverly Long Britain's Unsolved Murders by Kevin Turton Hers to Tame (NOLA Knights, #2) by Rhenna Morgan Fragmented Loyalty (HORNET Class Alpha, #1) by Tonya Burrows The Missing Ones (Hester Thursby Mystery #2) by Edwin Hill Things in Jars by Jess Kidd

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Elizabeth | 481 comments Of My NetGalley TBR
The Darkness We Hide (The Undertaker's Daughter, #3) by Debra Webb Truths I Never Told You by Kelly Rimmer The Final Deception (New York Confidential Book 5) by Heather Graham Night of the Dragon (Shadow of the Fox, #3) by Julie Kagawa Hunted by Darcy Coates Spectacle (Spectacle, #1) by Jodie Lynn Zdrok You Will Suffer (The Agency #3) by Alexandra Ivy Wolf Rebel (SWAT, #10) by Paige Tyler The Innocent's Forgotten Wedding by Lynne Graham Bullets Don't Argue (Perley Gates Western, #3) by William W. Johnstone Temper (Knights of Fury, #3) by Chantal Fernando The Other Wife by Claire McGowan Burn Zone (Hotshots, #1) by Annabeth Albert To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini

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Elizabeth | 481 comments Off My NetGalley TBR
Starting Over at Blueberry Creek (Sweetwater Springs #4) by Annie Rains He Will Get You (Maddie Ives #4) by Charlie Gallagher Invitation Only Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery, #26) by Leslie Meier MEG Generations by Steve Alten 48 Hour Lockdown (Tactical Crime Division #1) by Carla Cassidy Indianapolis The True Story of the Worst Sea Disaster in U.S. Naval History and the Fifty-Year Fight to Exonerate an Innocent Man by Lynn Vincent After All I've Done by Mina Hardy No Man's Land by Sara Driscoll Puppy Kisses (Forever Home #3) by Lucy Gilmore Mrs. Morris and the Witch (A Salem B&B Mystery, #2) by Traci Wilton Secret Investigation (Tactical Crime Division #2) by Elizabeth Heiter Stranger in the Lake by Kimberly Belle The Perfect Widow by A.M. Castle Ambush before Sunrise by B.J. Daniels Death Brings a Shadow by Rosemary Simpson

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Elizabeth | 481 comments Off my Netgalley
The Last to See Her by Courtney Evan Tate Feel the Fire (Hotshots #3) by Annabeth Albert Confessions on the 7 45 by Lisa Unger American Serial Killers The Epidemic Years 1950-2000 by Peter Vronsky The Annihilation Protocol (The Extinction Agenda #2) by Michael Laurence Alaskan Christmas Redemption by Belle Calhoune Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder by T.A. Willberg Plain Bad Heroines by Emily M. Danforth Whiteland by Rosie Cranie-Higgs The Mirror Man by Jane Gilmartin Secrets in the Dark (Black Winter, #2) by Darcy Coates The Vatican Conspiracy A completely gripping action thriller (A Marco Venetti Thriller Book 1) by Peter Hogenkamp Knight of Grand Crossing (Knights of the Castle Book 5) by Hiram Shogun Harris The Last to Know by Jo Furniss

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