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Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI
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Killers of the Flower Moon > 5. How did you respond to the description of law enforcement in America during the 1920s (p. 19)? What elements most shocked or surprised you? What effect did this have on the investigations into the deaths of Anna Brown and Charles Whitehorn?

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Jordan (jordanstewart) | 18 comments Mod
It shocked me that law enforcement had no formal training of any kind. They essentially volunteered if they had an interest in it, and unfortunately, the people who tended to be interested in a job where you get to brandish a gun and chase people down were not necessarily good people. This definitely led to chaotic, unstructured, and dark law enforcement that often chose to take care of their own and engage in under the table activities.

All of those factors contributed to the poorly conducted investigation into Anna and Charles's deaths. Because there was no structure and the law enforcement didn't necessarily care to actually do their jobs, those deaths just fell through unaddressed.

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Jordan (jordanstewart) | 18 comments Mod
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Henrietta | 3 comments As someone with an interest in forensics and Medicine, I was astonished to read about all the things that went wrong with the crime scene and potential evidence that was disregarded and probably destroyed. At the moment of reading this, I just assumed that it was negligence because of the nature of the victim - racism, disinterest etc - not necessarily lack of training. But when I read the other comment on here, it becomes even more appealing that it wasn’t really a science but more a hobby

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