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Picture to come

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Hazel stopped and looked at the kingdom in front of him, he felt a slight breeze run through his hair and lightly hit his face. He soon snapped out of his daze and looked at Casandra. "You could always try writing him a letter that way you can get all of your feelings and thoughts out without him changing the subject. To be honest I'm not the best person to try and give advice when it comes to family." Hazel said as he shifted his weight uncomfortably "I hope you have a good night." He thought he would never see her again after this, he thought she might try to be more careful.

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra nodded. She looked out for a moment at her home which she could see from here. She knew that she should go before her parents woke up and came to check in on her. She turned to Hazel and said "Thank you. For saving my life, taking care of my cuts, keeping me dry, and taking me home." she said. She studied him and memorized his features. This would probably be the last time she saw him and she wanted to remember his face. She realized that he didn't know her name but she was okay with that. "Hazel." she said. Saying his name for the first time and slowly as if savoring it. "I like that name. " She smiled at him and then took off running shifting into her wolf form as she went. She disappeared into the rapidly growing lighter dark night.

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Hazel looked at Cassandra, in a way he didn't want to leave her side, he didn't want this to be the last time they saw each other. It might be because Hazel didn't have many friends and he didn't talk to his family. If anything he wished he stayed in contact with his youngest sister or even his twin. "You're welcome" he told her as he heard her say thank you for saving her life and fixing up her cuts. Hazel couldn't just leave her for dead. Yeah he had a hard time connecting with people but he wasn't heartless. When she said his name his heart skipped a beat. No one ever said his name and sounded like they were pleased to say it. When she said it she was gentle and kind. Soon a smile broke out on his face when she said that she liked his name. For the first time in years he actually felt happy to be around. He watched her change into her wolf form and take off running towards home. When she was gone from his view he turned back around and headed towards home. The walk seemed longer because he was alone this time.

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra got home and went into her bedroom. For some reason she wished that she could see Hazel again. He seemed different then others. She remembered how she had felt connected to him and she smiled as she remembered the sound of his almost laugh. She knew that there was probably not a chance of her being able to find him again and he probably was glad to see her go. She tried to tell herself that she was being silly and that she was just lucky to have gotten home safely. She began to make breakfast prepared for her parents to come in and be their worried selves.

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