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Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon
This topic is about Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon
Sanditon by Jane Austen (JUNE)

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Dana (danaelaine) | 178 comments Here is the Sanditon thread for June, if anyone would like to join please feel free!

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Dana (danaelaine) | 178 comments Kendra, I am sorry there is no way I will read this this month. My HOPE is to read it next month. I hope you are enjoying it! I am just in a reading funk at the moment and still on our other book, and only 9 chapters into that. I'm going to try to set time to read.

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Kendra | 89 comments No worries at all!! My reading has tapered a bit too as I'm in a busy spell with work. I did finish this one and I have to warn you that I while I knew this was one of her unfinished works, I did not realize that no one else had finished it and it remains incomplete! There are only 11 chapters to the story and you never know what happens after.

I feel like usually the author's family or estate or something hires someone to finish the book so readers aren't left hanging, but such is not the case with this one and it left me in a bit of a shock. I can't say that I regret reading it because it's so good--but I wish I had known beforehand because it was definitely more upsetting and unsatisfying as a surprise! That's why I'm letting you know, so you can decide for yourself if you want to dive into it or not (and I'll totally not blame you if you decide not to). :)

Oh and to clarify, there have been some attempts by other authors to finish it...but from what I heard they are all either also unfinished (like they added a few chapters but still didn't finish the story), so bad as to not be worth reading, or a reimagining/modernization of the story rather than a true continuation of Jane Austen's original text.

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Safety in numbers, never go into a book alone....

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