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Modoc (dndnerd) Name: Sandstorm

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Wing: Sandwing

Rank: Writer

Appearance: Slender and yellowish.

Personality: energetic, extrovert, lazy.

History: Raised by rainwings. Her parents decided they didn't want her and put her egg in the rainwing hatchery.

Family: unknown.

Powers/Abilities: poison tail barb, fire, animus.

Other: Vegetarian. Has a pet sloth named puff

message 2: by Modoc (new)

Modoc (dndnerd) Name: Tide

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Wing: Seawing

Rank: Criminal/Assassin

Appearance: Dark green scales, very muscular.

Personality: EVIL. Hates seawings, very secretive. Extrovert.

History: Hatched outside the ocean palace, Tide knew little of the benefits of society. His parents left him with only a name before trading him away for some treasure. Tide's anger grew, and he started training in secret to become as strong and stealthy as possible. When he decided he was ready, he ran away from the dragon his parents traded him to. He then hunted them down and murdered them in their sleep. It wasnt enough, though. He continued his life of crime, plotting to find a way to exterminate seawings forever...

Family: names unknown, both dead, no siblings.

Powers/Abilities: Very strong and stealthy

Other:Hates seawings, but is very kind to other dragons, unless they get in his way.

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