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Wolf Star (Claidi Journals #2)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fantasy/SciFi(?) Series Teen female protagonist, adventure/journey possibly fleeing. Stuck in jungle tower with robot/machine servants. [s]

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Kelsey (kmpsquared) | 2 comments Read between 2003-2008, in the US. I don't remember a ton, but I have a distinct memory about the girl, I think in her teens, getting trapped in a tower in a lush jungle landscape with robot/machine servants. There were multiple locations, the jungle like place and a desert at least. They had what they called machines, that were like old timey robots with cogs and such. I think she was fleeing from someone/something, potentially a female antagonist. I think the guy in the story was very reluctant to be involved. Everyone had very unusual names, hers might have started with a "Y". I'm pretty sure it was a series because I didn't finish reading it.

The memory came up because my family was clearing out our basement and found the "Song of the Lioness" series by Tamora Pierce. I read those books around the same time as this mystery book.

Ellie (baticeer) | 51 comments This sounds to me like Wolf Star, the second book in Tanith Lee's Claidi Journals series.

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Emilie (emilierose) | 139 comments I second Wolf Star

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Kelsey (kmpsquared) | 2 comments Wow! That is 100% it! Thank you for figuring this out! It has been bothering me for all of quarantine.

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