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May 2020 What You've Been Reading

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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Renzulli Hello! What else have you been reading this month?

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Renzulli I've been reading a lot this month, after being in a bit of a reading slump.

One book that is totally out of the norm for me is The Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Kill Hitler by John Hendrix. It is a juvenile graphic novel account of Bonhoeffer's biography and the history surrounding Hitler's reign of terror. I think this is actually the first graphic novel I've ever read, and it is a page turner.

Artistically, it is well done. The art is only in two colors (teal and red, teal for Bonhoeffer's life and red for Hitler/historical background). What he accomplishes with such a limited palette is impressive! Also, it is not a "frame by frame" comic book style, which I think has turned me off of graphic novels in the past.

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary (mpgwyn) | 18 comments That sounds really interesting. I'm going to add that to my "to read" list.

message 4: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Renzulli Mary wrote: "That sounds really interesting. I'm going to add that to my "to read" list."

Hi Mary! :)
What have you been reading? More children's books to recommend to your students?

message 5: by Mary (new)

Mary (mpgwyn) | 18 comments I am listening to Dutch House by Ann(e?) Patchett, narrated by Tom Hanks, and it's good! I want to just keep driving to have an excuse to keep listening. Also just finished The Time of My Life, which was very quirky and for me hard to get into, but I ended up really enjoying. I now want to read her other books.

message 6: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Renzulli That is funny! It must be good if you want to keep driving. Tom Hanks does have a great voice.

message 7: by Mary (new)

Mary (mpgwyn) | 18 comments Yes! And he's such a good reader. I guess that's part of acting....

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