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Do you think either Lucy Gray or Maude Ivory could be the mom of Katniss?
Genevieve Newton Genevieve May 26, 2020 02:00PM
While I was reading the book, I came up with a theory. Do you think it is possible that Lucy Gray or especially Maude Ivory could be Katniss's mother? The timelines and locations would line up, and both girls have a liking for the potato-like plant Katniss, and the Mockingjays, along with the hanging tree song.

I don´t think either of them are her mother. However, it is definitely possible that Katniss has some Covey ancestory. The fact that her father loved to sing and spend time around the lake definitely suggests that. He also knew the lyrics to "The Hanging Tree" by heart, and since Lucy Gray only got the chance to perform the song a few times, it feels like very few people would know the lyrics that well unless they were with the Covey. It is also stated in the book that Maude Ivory has a talent for remembering lyrics very well. Maybe one or more of the Covey members are her grandparents? Possibly Maude Ivory?

No, the timelines wouldn't add up. Coriolanus is said to be 18 at the 10th Hunger Games and Lucy is assumed to be similar aged. She'd be 80 when Katniss is in the Hunger Games. Maude would be in her 70's. I don't think either are Katniss' mother.

Lucy Gray, no. Maude Ivory, possibly a relative in the grandmother generation. I do think we're supposed to assume Katniss' family defended from the Covey people, especially since Collins put a frame on that Hanging Tree song.

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I think Katniss is a Covey relation. I wonder if that will be the topic of another prequel. Hopefully a less boring one.

Genevieve wrote: "While I was reading the book, I came up with a theory. Do you think it is possible that Lucy Gray or especially Maude Ivory could be Katniss's mother? The timelines and locations would line up, and..."

I read somewhere that it's entirely possible (for what it's worth) that Maude Ivory could have been Katniss' *grandmother*.

I would say great grandmother- given the timeline and the fact that the life expectancy in district 12 is not very long (see Katniss' comment in The Hunger Games about plastic surgery in the Capitol), they marry/have children young, etc. I think Lucy Gray, but more likely Maude Ivory is Katniss' great or great great grandmother for a few reasons:

1. The song The Hanging Tree was only performed once and then outlawed and Lucy Gray wrote it and Maude Ivory "remembers songs after just one listen"
2. The lake! Not many people are aware of the lake in the woods, let alone brave enough to venture out.

Given the extreme censorship in the districts and the fear of punishment, this information was probably kept within the family, thus, at least one of these young ladies must be blood related to Katniss...****at least in my opinion****

Johanna (last edited Sep 11, 2020 03:14AM ) Sep 11, 2020 03:13AM   0 votes
There's a Youtube video I watched which explained the theory of Maude Ivory being Katniss' great-great something grandmother and I think that given the evidence it could be true but it was said that Suzanne Collins intentionally left this up to the readers. Here's the link to the video if you'd like to watch:

So I don’t really think Lucy Gray can be Katniss’ mother or grandmother. But what if she was President Coin?

Karin No, and Katniss got her singing ability from her father.
Nov 24, 2020 09:37AM · flag

I'm inclined to believe that Snow killed Lucy in the end. I know it wasn't confirmed, but it's just what i think

Genevieve wrote: "While I was reading the book, I came up with a theory. Do you think it is possible that Lucy Gray or especially Maude Ivory could be Katniss's mother? The timelines and locations would line up, and..."
maybe the grandmother or great aunt at best. Because it is 59 years before her birth. Though with the way the book twisted and turned, much was just coincidence.

I personally think that there is some realation. Especially since we don't know Katniss's Mothers name. It was always Mrs. Everdeen and that makes me wonder if there is a possible relation. Maybe Mrs. Everdeen was named after Maude or Lucy and the author doesn't want us to know that in anticipation of this book. I also hope that there is another book to further explain Snow downfall in moral and gain in power.

Karin Yes, I think her father was descended from one of these musicians since he could really sing.
Nov 24, 2020 09:37AM · flag

One more song to add... Deep in the Meadow!! Only a select few heard Lucy Grey sing this song at the lake, and the fact that Katniss knew this song makes it even more believable that Katniss has Covey relations, therefore adding to the fact that Maude Ivory is Katniss’s Grandma!!

But it's interesting to think they might be related...I hadn't thought of that! Hmmm....

Katniss' father was the one who could really sing as could she (but the actress playing her, not so much!) I think her father was the son of one of these singers. PLUS her mother didn't grow up in the seam, but moved "down" because of love.

While I was reading, I realized that Lucy Gray is most likely Katniss' grandmother. It makes since because her mother is not Lucy Gray. There are also relations between her and Katniss (Hanging Tree, Katniss plant, etc.)

I think Katniss may have descended from Maude Ivory, but not be the mother.

I feel like if Lucy Gray was related to Katniss in any way it would have been clarified. In the first hunger games book Katniss mentions there have only ever been 2 district 12 winners of the games, Haymitch and as we now know Lucy Gray. If Lucy Gray was related to Katniss I feel like Katniss would have mentioned that connection in the first book rather than referring to her as some girl who has now died. I guess this omission could be because Collins hadn't planned on a later book featuring this first winner, but even then, if Lucy Gray is meant to be related to Katniss I feel it would have been clarified more both in this book and in the previous series.

Mother? No. Grandmother? Maybe.

60 years means that either Maude/Lucy had Katniss when they were 40ish or there would have to be two generations.

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Just based on normal parental ages, Lucy Gray (or Maude Ivory) is most likely a great-grandmother to Katniss. Almost certainly on her Father's side. As the singing connection occurs through her father in the original trilogy.

I don't think lucy grey or maud ivory are her mother for the following reasons

If lucy grey came back she would have been the one to mentor Haymitch and I don't think she did

Also, katnisses dad is the one who hunts and sings not her mom.

Her dad could have been one of the boys in the cover but we know their full names so it doesn't really add up.

I think katnisses dad joined the covey after the book ended and helped fill in after lucky grey left.

I don't think they are related. But there is definitely a connection between the Covey and her father, considering they lived in the Seam. Once singing at the hob was shut down, the Covey would have needed some other way to make a living. They, like Katniss, may have made a living hunting animals from the forest. Very possible that Katniss' father may have been trained by one of them, since the skills he taught Katniss are what the covey did in the book. Maybe he became very close so they taught these songs as well.

I definitely think Maude Ivory could be her GRANDMOTHER because her dad had a good voice and a connection with the Mockingjays and so did Maude Ivory. It would make sense because, Maude Ivory could have taking Katniss's dad to the lake and taught him about the woods (Maybe not how to shot with a bow, but what plants to gather and stuff).

She couldn't be Pres Coin - again....think about the timeline. President. Coin is not 80.

I think somewhere in her Dad's family, there was someone from the Covey. Her dad loved to sing and knew the songs that was in this book. The timelines would make it a grandparent or great-grandparent (not sure which).

Maude is definitely Katniss's grandmother, on her dad's side.

Could they possibly be a grandmother to Katniss? I would think her fathers family since they lived in the seam. I did wonder about all the similarities...the song, the lake with the katniss tubers, going in the woods through the fence. But if the victors in the later Hunger Games were related to a victor, they would have announced it, right? Because it would factor into their odds? I don’t know though since they removed the 10th games footage, maybe that’s why it wasn’t mentioned. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I think they are tied somehow. I’d love to hear more of Lucy Grays story.

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I interviewed Suzanne Collins and asked about the relation between Lucy and Katniss. She revealed Lucy Gray is in fact Katniss's paternal grandma.

Genevieve wrote: "While I was reading the book, I came up with a theory. Do you think it is possible that Lucy Gray or especially Maude Ivory could be Katniss's mother? The timelines and locations would line up, and..."

I think either Maude or Lucy is Katnisses grandmother. She learned music from her dad, right?

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