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Unsheltered > Who or what does Kingsolver feel is unsheltered?

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Librarian Molly | 219 comments Mod
Who or what does Kingsolver feel is unsheltered?

message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie | 65 comments Everything?! Willa's expectation that a life of working and doing what you are supposed to do would end well and there she is physically and financial vulnerable.
Her marriage provides no shelter/security, her children...
Then you have Thatcher, a man out of place and time nullified by his marriage of love and a home.

Librarian Molly | 219 comments Mod
And don't forget the house itself! All of the occupants from both time periods felt like the house was going to literally crumble around them.

message 4: by Michele (new)

Michele (mlbose) | 140 comments I agree! I feel Kingsolver was trying to express that everything in life can become “unsheltered”. From the physical house falling down around them (both families) to belief systems being challenged, to love and loss, to personal financial hardships to economic and environmental challenges. Having to look at circumstance from a different perspective than normal in order to move on, to grow.

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