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message 1: by ✨R y e✨ (new)

✨R   y   e✨ (sassypantsryefrye) Rules to being a mod:
1. Pretty active
2. Good at organizing
3. Good at ideas
4. Will add new people to this group!

I AM LEAVING THIS DISSCUSSION OPEN FOR 10 DAYSSSS. I will be taking three more mods.

message 2: by ✨R y e✨ (new)

✨R   y   e✨ (sassypantsryefrye) lol I will when I got onto my computer on Thurs

message 3: by Lillyyy (new)

Lillyyy I'm thinking about it!

message 4: by ✨R y e✨ (new)

✨R   y   e✨ (sassypantsryefrye) sounds good!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

please remove me from this group.
I have way too many groups...and ,I have some malfunction of some sort..so I can't exit the group.
there is NOTHING wrong with this group.
I have other reasons as well...
PLEASE remove me
I hope you don't take this in a bad manner.

I can't pm anyone...I'm sorry I had to make this public

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