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The Hunger (Talli McAlister, #2)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA 90's teen horror/ romance book - Cult, Missing teenagers, Vampires? [s]

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Claire Cooper (clairecnz) | 3 comments Hi, I have been looking for this book for almost 20 years it's driving me up the wall. Its a teen horror/ romance book

I'm from New Zealand, but I am pretty sure this was an American teen book - from the same type of writers like Christopher Pike, R.L Stine

It was set in the late '80s/the early to mid-'90s

It has two main plots storylines running at the same time.
One is about a guy who moves to a new town ( I think with his sister who I think gets a job to teach high school) he starts a new high school, where he meets a girl. However, the town has loads of missing teenagers/ people and he starts to fall in love with this girl But she tells him that a teacher and group of students have been missing for almost a year and one of the missing kids was her ex-boyfriend who she is still in love with.

You then flick to the other storyline with a teenager guy waking up feeling ' thirsty/ hungry' he says he doesn't really understand why, and that he and the other teenagers went with 'the teacher because they had too'
He also doesn't really remember who he was before he 'turned', but he has flashbacks of a girl but doesn't know why. He also doesn't know why he does whatever the teacher tells him but he does know if that if he does what he's told the Thirst will go away.

Then if I recall - it turns out that the teacher is a vampire and has turned all the teenagers who are 'Missing' from this small town into vampires in hopes they will follow him and bring other teenagers/ people that they feed on.

However, the boy starts to remember his old life, and feels guilty for killing people he decides to escape the ' teacher/ cult vampire leader' to return back to his girlfriend - but When he gets there he finds she has moved on with the new guy in town.

Something happens where the teenager vampire kills a bunch of people and the cult leader comes back to the town to get him and then all the teens work together to stop him

A little bit of love triangle forms. I don't really remember much else and I could be wrong about the whole plot...

For the love of God does anyone know what this book is? and does it sound like anything I could be wrong about some of the plot?

I feel like the title could be something like
The Hunger
The Missing
The Thirst

But I have searched for this book under those titles and none can be found that match the plot.


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RV (phoenixangel) | 7 comments Could it be the Books of Blood series? The second one is called The Hunger

There's re-cap of the full series on here and sounds similars:

Claire Cooper (clairecnz) | 3 comments Rachel Verna wrote: "Could it be the Books of Blood series? The second one is called The Hunger

There's re-cap of the full series on here and sounds similars:

RACHEL VERNA.. THAT is it... I actually could kiss you, I have been looking for this book for 20+ years... THANK YOU!!!
I feel like I should send you flowers.

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