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message 1: by J.R. (new)

J.R. Alcyone | 216 comments I am working on my second novel. (I published my first in 2018.) I am looking for 1-2 beta readers with availability around or slightly after June 1. Here’s specifically what I am seeking:

- Readers with a rate of $1/1,000 words or less. (So $92 or less based on word count.)
- Readers with a friendly, honest, and constructive critiquing style – I’m not looking for readers who self-describe as “brutal.”
- “Big picture” feedback on elements such as plot, believability, reaction to characters, pacing, what you liked, what you didn’t like, where you were confused.
- It’s a bonus if you’re a reader who can make actionable suggestions on how to fix spotted issues.
- It’s a bonus if you leave in-line comments through track changes as well providing a summary at the end.

And here’s what you’ll be reading:

- 92K word self-edited second draft.
- Genre is general fiction.
- The story is a character-driven realistic medical drama set in a fictionalized version of Perth, Western Australia in 1956. My main character is an ambitious young pediatric congenital heart surgeon who decides to build a heart-lung machine. It’s not quite an #ownvoices book, but the main character has an anxiety disorder and is bipolar like I am.
- Although intended for an adult audience, it’s a fairly clean story, with only some mild profanity and any sex taking place off the page.

I have two MDs who will be reading the story, and a good friend who is an Aussie, so I am not overly concerned about those issues. I would like at least one reader to be someone who isn't in the medical profession to make sure the story is accessible to a general audience.

Please post your website/contact information, and anything else you think I should know. If I feel like we'd be a good fit, I'll be in touch in the next couple of days. Thank you!

message 2: by Shalini (new)

Shalini | 62 comments J.R. wrote: "I am working on my second novel. (I published my first in 2018.) I am looking for 1-2 beta readers with availability around or slightly after June 1.
- Reade..."

Hello J. R.
I charge 0.001 US dollars per word for beta reading.
My testimonials are found on both goodreads
And on my website

Kindly do go through my website for other terms and conditions.
My email id is
Payment would be only via PayPal
Please let me know
Thanking you

message 3: by Mamta (new)

Mamta Menon (mamtamenon) | 13 comments Hello,

I'd love to work with you. I cover up each and every aspect that you are looking for in my beta reading service. You can contact me via personal message or send an email at and I will provide all the information about my work in detail.

Here is my Link with testimonials:

Thank you,

message 4: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 17 comments Hello!

I am a full time content write and an experienced beta reader, with experience of over 3 years. My charges are $0..8 per 1k words for the length of your manuscript. You can have a look at testimonials here -

My email address is -

I look forward to hearing from you!

message 5: by Patricia (new)

Patricia | 18 comments Hello J.R.

I have a current opening for beta reading, and I would love to read your novel. My prices are higher than what you are advertising for, but my feedback is exactly the kind you are looking for.

I love historical fiction and I'm always looking for new stories and characters to love.

My beta reading breakdown is listed below, but please take note! I read the first chapter for free.

Here’s how it works:

First chapter feedback
Rate: free

 You pick a question you want answered from my list of ten first-chapter beta reading questions
 You send me your first chapter (maximum 15 pages)
 I send you feedback
 If we’re a good fit, I send you a quote for the basic and deluxe feedback plans.

Basic feedback plan
Rate: $0.0015 per word ($15.00 per 10,000 words)

 You pick ten questions from my list of 80 beta reading questions
 You send me your full novel
 I send you a contract
 You agree to the contract and pay me a deposit
 I read and provide feedback for those ten questions

Deluxe feedback plan
Rate: the basic feedback plan + $100

 You decide you want me to answer all 80 beta reading questions
 You send me your full novel
 I send you a contract
 You agree to the contract and pay me a deposit
 I read and provide feedback for all 80 questions

I can give you feedback within X weeks (by date).

You can read more about my services, see the list of 80 questions, and see an example of the feedback I provide here:

Or, you can email me at:

Good luck with your novel!


message 6: by Priya (new)

Priya Bhowal (priyalovingly) | 15 comments Hello J.R.

I am a proofreader and beta reader. I am very honest and informal about the feedback, comments, and suggestions I make. I can also help you omit errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, etc. My rates are flexible according to your budget. You could check out my site and if you are interested please contact me at

message 7: by Ayesha (new)

Ayesha Ghaffar | 112 comments Hi J.R. I would love to beta read for you. I have 10 years experience in beta reading as well as editing. Check out my website at to read testimonials about my work. I do have an opening around June 1st. I am definitely not a brutal beta reader and I offer explanations about why I found something that needs changing as well as suggestions to improve it, that is one thing all my clients like about my work. I will also mention what you are doing well and why it works. My beta reading includes knee-jerk reactions in the form of in line commenting as well as a summary on overall elements at the end. My email is and my rate is $.50 per 1000 words.
I do have a medical background but I cwn distance myself from that and tell you what a general reader would or wouldn't understand.

message 8: by Mikayla (last edited May 26, 2020 12:25PM) (new)

Mikayla Gray | 14 comments Hi J.R.

I am an experienced beta reader and would love to beta read your novel.

My fees are on a tiered system based on word count, so with a manuscript of 92k words I would charge $59. This includes a round of Q&A after you've received my feedback. I provide a marked-up copy of your manuscript with my thoughts and feelings as I was reading with an end-of-chapter summary, plus a full summary and analysis document (typically three to four pages) the whole novel as a whole.

For more information and to see testimonials from authors I've worked with, you can check out my blog page

If this sounds like what you're looking for then you can PM me on here or email me at

Best wishes, Mikayla

message 9: by Dana (new)

Dana (maclease) | 70 comments Hi Jen,

I will be available early June. If you are interested in touching base my email is and my site with my current rates is:

Thank You

message 10: by Gabby (new)

Gabby (gabbycd) | 85 comments Hello fellow Aussie!

Your novel premise sounds amazing and I’d love to beta read it for you.
I’m an experienced beta reader, editor and proofreader with a bachelor degree in English and creative writing.
For beta reading I charge $0.0009AUD/word (so $83AUD for your 92k piece).
In terms of feedback, I provide both my instant reactions and notes using track changes/ comments on your manuscript. Additionally, I provide a detailed summary of my notes separately. In available in June and can have a quick turnaround.
You can find out more details on my website - or email me at (I’ll also provide a sample of past beta reads I’ve done to give you an idea of how I work).

Thank you for considering and I hope to hear from you soon


message 11: by Fanna (new)

Fanna (fannaforbooks) | 63 comments Hey! I would definitely be interested in providing some valuable feedback for your general fiction. I'm an experienced beta reader who keeps her commentary professional and constructive. You can expect an overall feedback that takes into account all the aspects you've mentioned in your post. I unfortunately don't provide in-line comments but always refer to specific lines or sequences or pages in my feedback.

This service starts at a base price of $1/1K words so your manuscript would cost no more than $92. I have a slot available during the first two weeks of June which aligns perfectly with the turnaround time you're expecting.

You can read more about my service, view some samples, and read trusted testimonials here. Let me know if you have any queries or if you wish to take this forward through an email:

message 12: by M.T. (new)

M.T. DeSantis (desantismt) | 41 comments Hi J.R.
Your story looks fascinating, and I'm interested in beta reading. My rate is $1/1000 words, and I am available starting next week. I don't leave track changes comments for my beta reads, but I provide a detailed report on what worked, what didn't work, any big reactions I had to anything (plot, characters, etc.), and suggestions for improving things that confused me/didn't work. You can find more about me at my editing services page (, and my email is I look forward to hearing from you!

message 13: by Wentzel (new)

Wentzel Lombard | 35 comments Hi J.R.,

I have samples of my work available on request. $1 per 2000 words.

message 14: by J.R. (new)

J.R. Alcyone | 216 comments Thank you for all the responses. I am closing this thread.

I wish I could hire all of you, but alas, budgets. I usually do two rounds of beta reading before I send my novel off to be copy/line edited, and I will be using this thread to choose my second round readers as well. So if you don't hear from me now, you may yet hear from me later this summer or in the fall.

Thanks again! :)

message 15: by Rocha (new)

Rocha | 3 comments Hey J.R.
I would love to be the Beta Reader to your book!
Here is my bio with a testimonial
I have been a beta and an alpha reader for two separate published authors. Let me know if you are still looking for assistance!
Thank you for your consideration

message 16: by Meghalee (new)

Meghalee Mitra | 36 comments Hey J.R

I have a Master's in Literature, and years of experience working in the content industry. I have critiqued books for several years. I would love to be on board this project. You could check my beta-reading reviews in my Fiverr profile ( or mail me:

Looking forward! :)


message 17: by Nan (new)

Nan Christine  Borton-Smith (nanchristine) | 2 comments As the thread was still open I was going to throw my hat in the ring until I saw your post stating you were closing the thread. You may not visit this thread again but if you do I wish you the best of luck on your novel.

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