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message 1: by Alannah (new)

Alannah Clarke (alannahclarke) | 11721 comments Mod
From Friday 29 May at 12.01 am (in your local time zone) you start keeping track of how many pages you read until Sunday 31 May 2020 at 11.59 pm. In the May 2020 Read-a-thon thread you will post your progress, telling everyone what you're reading and how many pages. Then all readers' totals will be tallied throughout the week to reach the goal of 10,000 pages. This is a relaxed read-a-thon; it doesn't matter if you read 20 pages or 100, it also doesn't matter if we reach our goal, it's just having fun doing what you would normally be doing anyway:) Once the Read-a-thon thread is posted, make sure to put your name on the thread if you would like to be included. If you simply stumble onto the thread, then please, join in!

*An easy way to keep track is using the Currently Reading feature on Goodreads, entering your page number at the end of each day. **For those who read by eReader, take the page number which shows for paperback/hardcover here on Goodreads for your total. Calculate by percentage to work out your page number read.

***For audio listeners, check out how many pages the book has on Goodreads, then divide that number by how many CDs or hours it is to give you an idea of pages per time. Don't forget to post your totals of daily or full weekend tally on the thread.

message 2: by Alannah (last edited May 29, 2020 01:18AM) (new)

Alannah Clarke (alannahclarke) | 11721 comments Mod
List of participants:

3. Alannah
4. Pam
5. Maria
6. Nancy
7. Kelly
8. LauraT
9. Kat
10. Kathleen
11. Eva
12. Tweedledum
13. Kat
14. Kristi
15. Elite
16. Rift
17. Nichole
18. Siewjye
19. Petra
20. June
21. Rd
22. Diana S
23. Dilek
24. Diane-OP
25. Sophie
26. Kathy McC
27. Katherine
28. Ashley
29. Lale
30. Karin
31. Beth
32. PattyMacDotComma
33. Leigh
34. Violeta
35. Lauri
36. Ana
37. Jess
38. Gavin
39. Ron
40. Cindy
41. Josen

message 3: by Alannah (last edited Jun 03, 2020 01:12AM) (new)

Alannah Clarke (alannahclarke) | 11721 comments Mod
I'm in

A Worn Path by Eudora Welty: 32 pages (finished book)
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand 345 pages
Bone Crier's Moon by Kathryn Purdie 103 pages
Tidelands by Philippa Gregory 84 pages

Friday Total: 564 pages

Tidelands by Philippa Gregory 114 pages (finished book)
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand 561 pages (finished book)

Saturday Total: 675 pages

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë: 306 pages
Bone Crier's Moon by Kathryn Purdie 47 pages

Finished Books:
A Worn Path by Eudora Welty

Total: 1592 pages

message 4: by Pam (last edited Jun 01, 2020 07:55AM) (new)

Pam (bluegrasspam) | 670 comments I’m in!

The Stand 80 pp
Severance 50 pp
Total: 130 pages

message 5: by Maria (last edited May 31, 2020 02:52PM) (new)

Maria | 50 comments I'm in! Though I have exams on Tuesday and Wednesday, so if I can keep focused, I'll mostly be reading academic stuff.

Friday: 30 pages
La Peste: 11 pages
Curricular reading: 19 pages

Saturday: 57 pages
La Peste: 17 pages
Curricular reading: 40 pages

Sunday: 75 pages
Bróðir minn Ljónshjarta: 45 pages
La Peste: 7 pages
Curricular reading: 23 pages

Total: 162 pages

message 6: by Nancy from NJ (new)

Katz Nancy from NJ (nancyk18) Nancy’s May Read a Thon


message 7: by Kelly (last edited Jun 01, 2020 06:03AM) (new)

Kelly (marquis784) | 365 comments Okay!

Fri (5/29): 76 pages
The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman 76 pages (book completed)

Sat (5/30): 14 pages
Eden by Jamie Lisa Forbes 14 pages

Sun (5/31): 23 pages
Eden by Jamie Lisa Forbes 23 pages

Total: 113 pages

message 8: by LauraT (last edited Jun 03, 2020 01:14AM) (new)

LauraT (laurata) | 13223 comments Mod
I'm in!!!!
Total 631

message 10: by Kathleen (last edited Jun 01, 2020 09:18AM) (new)

message 11: by Eva (last edited May 31, 2020 10:30AM) (new)

Eva (pinpilinpausa9) | 28 comments I'm in!

93 pages "Northumbria, el último reino",
by Bernard Cornwell. (Finished)
130 pages "Svein, el del caballo blanco",
by Bernard Cornwell
55 pages "La peste", by Albert Camus

64 pages "La peste", by Albert Camus

Total: 342 pages

Northumbria, El último reino, by Bernard Cornwell

Svein, el del caballo blanco, by Bernard Cornwell

La Peste, by Albert Camus

message 12: by Tweedledum (last edited Jun 02, 2020 01:42AM) (new)

Tweedledum  (tweedledum) | 2035 comments Hello I’m in.

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert 100 pages
The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood 108 pages (finished book )
Why Mahler?: How One Man and Ten Symphonies Changed the World 10 pages
The World According to Bertie by Alexander McCall Smith 18 pages

Total 246 pages

Why Mahler?: How One Man and Ten Symphonies Changed the World 12 pages
City of Girls 64 pages
The World According to Bertie 10 pages

Total 86 pages

City of Girls120 pages
Dumb Witness 20 pages

Total 140 pages
Grand Total : 432 pages

message 13: by Kat (last edited May 31, 2020 03:49AM) (new)

Kat (bookworm2017) | 53 comments I’m in

Friday - 107 Pages
Saturday - 10 pages
Sunday -

message 14: by Kristi (last edited Jun 01, 2020 08:09AM) (new)

Kristi (kristilarson) | 377 comments I'm in

all pages from The End of October by Lawrence Wright

Fri: 0
Sat: 163
Sun: 140

Total pages: 303

message 15: by EJ (last edited Jun 01, 2020 10:01AM) (new)

EJ  (tsquare345) | 54 comments Count me in!

Friday: Beard in Mind, 466; Incriminating Evidence, 225
Saturday: Silence for the Dead, 159; City of Girls, 480
Sunday: Stay, 294; The Hooker and the Hermit, 339

Total: 1,963

message 16: by Rift (last edited May 31, 2020 06:16PM) (new)

Rift Vegan (riftvegan) | 36 comments Yay reading! Thanks for hosting, Alannah!

Friday = 59pages
Home Binti #2 of3 by Nnedi Okorafor
I read Binti #1 last year, and didn't realize there were other books!

Saturday = 39pages

Sunday = 67 pages
Finished, but foo, this is not a stand-alone story... you def want the next novella standing by to jump into since "Home" ends on a cliff hanger!

TOTAL == 165

Home (Binti, #2) by Nnedi Okorafor

message 17: by Nichole (last edited May 31, 2020 11:59AM) (new)

Nichole | 437 comments I'm in.

Edward Unspooled by Craig Lancaster

Total: 18 pages

message 18: by Siewjye (last edited Jun 01, 2020 02:24AM) (new)

Siewjye Chow (ssjye) | 46 comments I’m in!

Fri: 'Salem's Lot pg 68-224 = 156 pages
Sat: 'Salem's Lot pg 225-427 (finished) =202 pages
This Lullaby pg 1-22 = 22 pages
Sun: This Lullaby pg 23-164 =142 pages

Total: 156+202+22+142 = 522 pages

message 19: by Petra (last edited Jun 01, 2020 08:26AM) (new)

Petra | 3251 comments I'm in.

Friday: 86 pages
David Copperfield - 15 pages
The Eyre Affair (audio; 60 minutes @ 1.25 speed) - 39 pages (Finished book)
A Place in the World - 32 pages

Saturday: 157 pages
David Copperfield - 20 pages
A Place in the World - 137 pages (Finished the book)

Sunday: 17 pages
David Copperfield - 17 pages

Total: 260 pages

message 20: by June (last edited Jun 01, 2020 12:42PM) (new)

June | 169 comments I’m in.

Proud: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream- Listened to 4 hrs and 54 mins to complete) 154 pages
The Namesake- 25 pages

The Namesake- 171 pages

The Namesake- 94 pages
An Ember in the Ashes- 238 pages

Total 682 pages

message 21: by Rd (new)

Rd | 1 comments I am in


message 22: by Diana S (last edited Jun 02, 2020 06:30PM) (new)

Diana S | 80 comments I'm in ! :D

Sorry I couldn't participate in May's readathon. Something came up and I couldn't read at all.
Hopefully in June

message 23: by Dilek (last edited Jun 01, 2020 02:11PM) (new)

Dilek | 63 comments I'm in!

Sunset Park

Total: 308 pages

message 24: by Diane-OP (last edited Jun 01, 2020 09:05AM) (new)

Diane-OP | 113 comments I’m in!

Friday: 64 pages
Saturday: 174 pages
Sunday: 129 pages

Total: 267 pages (pretty lame.....

Books read: No Mark Upon Her
Brunelleschi's Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture[
[book:Necessary as Blood|6332280]

message 25: by Sophie (last edited Jun 02, 2020 01:11AM) (new)

Sophie | 15 comments Сount me in.

Total: 60

message 26: by Kathy McC (last edited Jun 01, 2020 02:31PM) (new)

Kathy McC | 102 comments I am in.

Friday: Reading-The House of Kennedy, 103 pgs., Started-All Adults Here, 139 pgs.

Saturday: Finished Adults, 229 pgs., Kennedy, 57 pgs.

Sunday: Finished Kennedy, 179 pgs. , Started Beach Read, 134 pgs.

TOTAL: 841 pgs.

message 27: by Katherine (last edited Jun 01, 2020 05:20AM) (new)

Katherine | 108 comments I'm in!

Friday: 154
Saturday: 143
Sunday: 110

Total: 407

The Silent Treatment by Abbie Greaves The Moores Are Missing by James Patterson My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh Hideaway by Nora Roberts The Book Charmer (Dove Pond, #1) by Karen Hawkins The Dead Girls Club by Damien Angelica Walters

message 28: by Ashley (last edited May 31, 2020 08:48PM) (new)

Ashley | 16 comments I'm in.

Three Women - 26 pages
Team of Five: The Presidents Club in the Age of Trump - 55 pages

Team of Five: The Presidents Club in the Age of Trump - 55 pages (finished book)
Three Women - 11 pages
Exit Strategy - 88 pages

Exit Strategy - 88 pages (finished book)
Three Women - 175 pages (finished book)

Total: 498 pages

message 29: by Lale (last edited May 31, 2020 11:27AM) (new)

Lale | 48 comments Me too!

Friday: 70
Saturday: 100
Sunday: 102

Sunset Park Sunset Park by Paul Auster

TOTAL: 272

message 30: by Karin (new)

Karin | 1942 comments Count me in!


message 31: by Beth (last edited Jun 01, 2020 10:39PM) (new)

Beth | 402 comments I'm in.

It is easier to add my pages all at once as I didnt update during readathon
The Fifth Season 75%-finished 117 pgs (estimated by comparing % in ebook to page count)
Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde: The Devoted Friend/The Nightingale and the Rose
32 pgs
The Hobbit, or There and Back Again 27 pgs

TOTAL: 176

message 32: by PattyMacDotComma (last edited May 31, 2020 08:37PM) (new)

PattyMacDotComma | 1093 comments I'll be reading!
Friday - Sunday finished Taboo by Kim Scott

Total 150 pages

message 33: by Leigh (new)

Leigh (leigholive) I'm in


message 34: by Violeta (last edited May 31, 2020 02:24PM) (new)

Violeta I’m in!

Under the Volcano
Friday: 26 pages
Saturday: 43 pages
Sunday: 36 pages

The White Album
Saturday: 21 pages
Sunday: 27 pages

Total: 153 pages

message 35: by Lauri (last edited Jun 01, 2020 10:55PM) (new)

Lauri Saplad (otwlauri) | 96 comments Lauri's Spot!

Target: 300 pages

Friday: 81 pages

Saturday: 53 pages

Sunday: 128 pages

Total pages read: 262

Books used:

Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid Husband Material by Emily Belden

Books completed:

message 36: by Ana (last edited Jun 01, 2020 12:59PM) (new)

Ana Marchildon | 38 comments I'm in!!

Friday: The Guest Book Finished 77 pages
The Red Lotus 267 pages
Saturday:The Red Lotus 69 pages
Sunday: The Red Lotus 45 pages

Total: 458 pages

message 37: by Jess (new)

Jess Penhallow | 115 comments Friday:


message 38: by Gavin (last edited May 31, 2020 11:44PM) (new)

Gavin (thewalkingdude) | 276 comments I'm in!

Friday: Wolf & Parchment, Vol. 1: New Theory Spice & Wolf 206 pages (finished)
Saturday: The Rise of Endymion 200 pages
Sunday: The Rise of Endymion 250 pages

Total: 656 pages

message 39: by Ron (new)

Ron Bronk | 10 comments I'm in too - Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

message 40: by Cindy (last edited Jun 03, 2020 02:15PM) (new)

Cindy Newton | 63 comments I'm in!

Friday: Cadavar & Queen -- 78 pages
Saturday: Killers of the Flower Moon - 271 pages
Sunday: Killers of the Flower Moon - 106 pages
David Copperfield -- 120 pages

Total Pages: 575 pages

message 41: by Josen (last edited Jun 01, 2020 08:01PM) (new)

Josen (josens) | 84 comments Count me in!

Friday: Lock Every Door (audio) - 46p

Saturday: Lock Every Door - 29p
Imaginary Friend - 56p

Sunday: Lock Every Door - 25p
Imaginary Friend - 56p

Total: 212 pages

message 42: by Rhonda (last edited May 31, 2020 05:20PM) (new)

Rhonda Wunder | 310 comments I am a little late but I am in,

Friday: When the Music's Over- Peter Robinson: 205 pages
The Violet Flash - Mike Mason: 150 pages

Saturday: The Violet Flash: 181 pages
The Vanished Man- Jeffrey Deaver: 150 pages

Sunday: The Vanished Man - 249 pages

message 43: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimborams) | 233 comments Came to this one a bit late!

Silver: Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month by Chris Hammer - 201 (to end); Perfidious Albion by Sam Byers - 76 = Day total: 277

Perfidious Albion by Sam Byers - 308 (to end) = Day total: 308

One Last Child by Anni Taylor - 215 = Day total: 215

Weekend total:- 277+308+215 = 800 pages

message 44: by Alannah (new)

Alannah Clarke (alannahclarke) | 11721 comments Mod
Thank you all for taking part, I hope you all had fun doing it. I lost access to my microsoft office over the weekend and thanks to strict budgeting, I won't be getting it back for a while. So totalling your final numbers may take slightly longer. Instead of coming back every day to take down numbers, I will wait and write them down, (maybe next week, I'm not sure) when I'm ready to give the final number.

message 45: by Ron (new)

Ron Bronk | 10 comments Ron wrote: "I'm in too - Friday, Saturday, Sunday."

I only got through 82 pages, non-fiction. The birds and chipmunks got most of my attention.

message 46: by Tweedledum (new)

Tweedledum  (tweedledum) | 2035 comments Hi I’ve just done my totals- message 12

message 47: by LauraT (new)

LauraT (laurata) | 13223 comments Mod
Updated my post (n.8) quth my total of 631 pages!

message 48: by Alannah (new)

Alannah Clarke (alannahclarke) | 11721 comments Mod
I'm just tallying up everyone's final numbers.

message 49: by Alannah (new)

Alannah Clarke (alannahclarke) | 11721 comments Mod
The total number is 15,173 pages!

Well done everyone!!

message 50: by Tweedledum (new)

Tweedledum  (tweedledum) | 2035 comments Wow great reading everyone !

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