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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Wife finds out husband has been unfaithful. She lures the mistress to her house during a terrible storm. Wife ties up mistress for several hours. Eventually her son comes home from college and is harmed in the process. Spoilers ahead.

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Baylee Boen | 2 comments I am looking for the title of this book that I read less than a year ago. This wife finds out her husband has been having an affair. She decided to take the kids to their grandparents so she can lure the mistress to her home while her husband is out of town. She succeeds and ties up the mistress for several hours while asking her a ton of questions. Eventually the mistress breaks free (or is released i can’t remember for sure) and there is a struggle. The wife’s son returns home from college and is harmed (shot or stabbed again, i can’t remember for sure) and the mistress cares for him. The wife and mistress begin to get along and the wife agrees to write the mistress a check. That’s all I can remember for certain. I also think the mistress may have stolen the family dog and introduced herself to the kids and other creepy things like that before the wife knew about her. But again, i am not sure if that is for certain or if i’m running two books together in my head. My wife seems to think this could also be a movie. Thank you in advance!

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Baylee Boen | 2 comments oh i forgot to say SPOILERS AHEAD

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Kris | 35698 comments Mod
Thanks. Added a spoiler alert to the topic header.

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