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message 1: by Tom, "Big Daddy" (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tom Mathews | 2746 comments Mod
Comments on this board should be written with the assumption that not all readers have finished the book. Please avoid revealing any spoilers.

Also, be sure to drop into the Q&A board and ask Michael a question.

message 2: by Laura, "The Tall Woman" (new) - rated it 5 stars

Laura | 2276 comments Mod
I’m really excited that Michael Farris Smith has agreed to join us to answer questions on this new book of his. I absolutely loved it and this will be my third read. Get your questions ready and join us for this read in june. Ask questions as we go, no need to wait until you finish.

message 3: by Diane, "Miss Scarlett" (new) - rated it 5 stars

Diane Barnes | 4398 comments Mod
I read this early so I could be ready for the discussion. Trust me folks, it's a winner.

message 4: by Tom, "Big Daddy" (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tom Mathews | 2746 comments Mod
I'm about halfway through it and staying up late nights to keep reading.

message 5: by Jane (new)

Jane | 753 comments Looking forward to this

message 6: by Judi (new) - added it

Judi | 465 comments I jumped into this book a couple of days ago. I am loving it. Not familiar with Michael Farris Smith's writing, but will explore more.

Belinda Guerette | 29 comments I’m reading this and Absalom, Absalom, and the houses are running together. Sutpen’s mansion looks good all covered in kudzu, with Miss Rosa sitting in there telling her story, while the vines grow longer and longer.

message 8: by Laura, "The Tall Woman" (new) - rated it 5 stars

Laura | 2276 comments Mod
Only one week down in June. Still plenty of time to join in with Michael and the Trail. Seeing some high stars and praise for the book. I did audio for the 3rd time. It’s a good narrator but nothing beats that first read. Shock factor at its best.

Tina  | 488 comments This is such an amazing book. Every word - perfection.

Tina  | 488 comments Jump in and ask questions on the Q&A so I don’t monopolize the whole thread. My mind is filled with questions! 🤣

Wyndy | 241 comments Not much reading time for me this weekend, but I'm up to page 65. Love the sheriff and his wife talking, fishing and sipping bourbon by the pond. It was a nice respite from some of the dysfunctional relationships and scenarios so far. I have no idea where this story is headed or how the man, woman, and boy fit in to the overall Colburn scenario, but this is a riveting story with excellent writing so far. Has anyone else noticed how MFS sometimes uses quotation marks for dialogue and sometimes doesn't? Interesting . . . I'm looking for a pattern or reason - sort of. Don't want to overthink it though. Just curious 😉

Libby | 169 comments I hope to get a copy from my library this week and begin reading. I've read Rivers by this author which makes me more excited about reading this one. I'm happy to read the positive comments.

message 13: by Sara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sara (phantomswife) | 1391 comments Awfully late to the part but excited--I got my copy from the library today. I'm celebrating having the book and also having the library offering curbside service at last.

message 14: by Laura, "The Tall Woman" (new) - rated it 5 stars

Laura | 2276 comments Mod
Yay Sara! Haven’t our libraries been amazing during this time? But I guess most of us already knew they were amazing.

message 15: by Sara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sara (phantomswife) | 1391 comments Indeed, Laura. I was really happy to see mine today, even though she brought out my book in a plastic bag, laid it on the table outside the library and then I walked over and got it. I'll be glad when we are back to being able to hug the librarian if we so desire. :0)

Cathrine ☯️  | 749 comments Happy for you Sara. My hold copy is sitting on the library shelf. Only 3 libraries participating in our curbside delivery so if what I want isn't at one of those, and this one isn't, I cannot have it. :-(

message 17: by Sara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sara (phantomswife) | 1391 comments Oh, Cathrine, I am so sorry. Maybe your library will open soon. I was beginning to think they would never open ours. You would think that if they could open 3 of them, they could open them all.

message 18: by Candi (new) - added it

Candi (candih) | 208 comments We are starting curbside pickup next week. The problem is that you can only pick up books from your library, no deliveries from others in the system! I'm disappointed! I see a neighboring town has the book, so I could drive there and get it, but someone has it out with the extended due date of September 30! I'm hoping they will want to return their "Covid stash" of books before that though ;)

message 19: by Sara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sara (phantomswife) | 1391 comments Dang. I feel lucky, since this book was at our main branch and they brought it out to my branch for pickup. I'm sure a lot of people would say this is a minor issue as COVID problems go, but being able to get to my library again is a major wish of mine. I fear that if they start cutting funds, the library system will be among the first to get cuts. I hope not.

message 20: by Diane, "Miss Scarlett" (new) - rated it 5 stars

Diane Barnes | 4398 comments Mod
Ours opened on the 15th for curbside pickup, and they will courier the books to any of the 16 libraries in the system. I haven't used it yet, but will pick up Cold Sassy Tree when they email me. Every time I drive by the parking lot is full of people waiting in their cars. I've missed them, but on the other hand have gotten a lot of books off my shelves that I ignored to get the "latest" from the library.

Cathrine ☯️  | 749 comments Candi, Sept. 30th !!!! That is too generous.

message 22: by Candi (new) - added it

Candi (candih) | 208 comments They are being overly cautious in New York!

Cathrine, I think September 30 is way too generous!! :D

message 23: by Sara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sara (phantomswife) | 1391 comments I always have books to read. They would have to lock me in for years before I would run out. On the other hand, sometimes you just want to read a particular book and the ones you have on hand are not it.

I'm glad your library is being used, Diane. I was the only person in the parking lot when I picked up my book today. Of course, they only opened today, so the word may not be out there yet.

Cathrine ☯️  | 749 comments I'm sure MFS would prefer I purchase his book but I'm an old woman living on a fixed income with a book problem!
I wanted to participate in the Q&A, I'm such a fan.

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