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Critique Partners and Swaps > 38k word, 60% completed, Dark Fantasy with a bit of comedy and romance woven in between. (LGBTQ friendly)

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message 1: by Zubair (new)

Zubair Dollie | 23 comments 1st person story following Nox (male, dark skin) as he suddenly appears in a fantastical world, losing all memories of his past.

In this new world he befriends two others (a forest elf woman and a another guy who’s in a similar position as him). Together they try and figure out what’s actually going on and links it to the antagonists of the story. The main characters main objective is to find a way back to his own world:

This story contains extreme violence and a bit of foul language (just the F word). There isn’t any sex, but there are sexual innuendos.
Another trigger warning is that it talks about depression and self harm.

I’m sorry for sucking at giving a brief overview of the plot, but I hope you enjoy it.

Looking for someone to let me know if the plot is interesting enough, if the characters and likable and three dimensional, let me know if there are any annoying plot holes, etc.

(Looking for a free beta reader or a swap)

message 2: by Gala (new)

Gala | 48 comments Hi Zubair, I'd love to swap with you if you like to read slice of life fantasy and short stories.

Here's the gist of mine:

All amoebae are called back to the homeland. It doesn’t matter that Aika is a herald at the height of the humans’ Midday Revolution. Or that she and her wife, Mmereka, didn’t know that she was an amoeba. She and Mmereka deserve Midday’s justice now. But her true home will not wait for her to leave all the humans behind.

I just want to make sure it's easy to follow.

Please PM if you're interested.

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