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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Religious end-of-times sci-fi novel (Spoilers)

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Shade | 2 comments This is an adult fiction book, fairly average sized paperback novel. The friend that lent me it over a decade ago thinks it has "Survivor(s)" in the title and the author is/was a Jessuit.

Some plot points that I remember:
Disaster befalls US (Probably nuclear attack)
Some refugees flee to UK and possibly other parts of the world
The antichrist rises up?
All citizens are required to install identity/banking chip in arm/hand
One of the protagonists join/leads group(s) of people resisting government/Refuse chip
Someone (possibly a protagonist) who had the chip installed has to have it amputated
The world ends?

I think it was published 1990-2000. Despite that, I've read many 70's sci-fi novels since and I think this book could definitely have been written in that era. However the technology that features heavily in it leads me to believe that it was written in the 90's or 2000s. It definitely was not written after 2010.

It's a very religiously driven book. It might even have direct bible quotes about the end of times or maybe quotes from Nostradamus or another philosopher that predicted the end of the world and the circumstances leading up to it. The US is referred to as Babylon several times.

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Shade | 2 comments Found the book.

"Survivors: You'll be surprised who gets left behind" By Zion Ben Jonah.

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