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Title: Absolution (Grace #3)
Author: Autumn Grey
Genre: New Adult Romance
Heat Level: Slowburn (moderate)
Formats ~ Mobi and Epub
Copies ~ 15 (Sent out by NABC)
Goodreads Link ~


We made mistakes and betrayed our hearts, and in the end, everything went up in flames.

Walking away from the devastation is not an option. I am at the center of it all.

There are three hearts on the line and only one choice to make.

One heart to keep and one to let go.

Love is like poison, and sometimes it’s the only thing that can save us.
TO SIGN UP please leave your email address and preferred format below. Once copies go out you will have three weeks to Read and Review the BOOK, and please don't forget to post the link to your review in this thread!

If you cannot finish this book for whatever reason, please let us know so we can remove your name from THE LIST and allow someone else to review it. Thank You.


1)Neha ePub
2)Ria Mobi
3)Brianna Mobi
4)Karin Mobi
5)Mandie Mobi
6)Melissa Mobi
7)Grey Mobi
8)Aria Mobi
9)Martina Mobi
10)Mrshoney Booklover mobi
11)Yoneidis Mobi

Neha (nehalodha73) | 109 comments Epub please.

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Ria (mywhispersandroars) | 3 comments
Mobi please

Brianna | 154 comments Mobi please!

Karin | 202 comments mobi please

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Mandie | 70 comments
Mobi please

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Melissa Garwood (melissa711) | 10 comments

Grey | 40 comments, mobi please.

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Aria | 1 comments - Kindle version

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Martina Mooney (martiwho) | 2 comments

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Derna | 5316 comments Mod
I have just sent copies out to members whose names have been added to the list. Please remember that you have until 18th June (3 weeks) in which to read and review this book, and post your review here. Any problems just let me know. Enjoy

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Yoneidis | 249 comments MOBI

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MrsHoney_BookLover wrote: ""


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Yoneidis wrote: " MOBI"


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