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message 1: by Ken, Moderator (U.S.A.) (new)

Ken Fredette (klfredette) | 4394 comments Mod
NetGalley has Andrea Camilleri's Andrea Camilleri latest book in English called The Sicilian Method The Sicilian Method by Andrea Camilleri to be published 6 October 2020. Sicily.

In the new novel in the transporting New York Times bestselling Inspector Montalbano mystery series, Montalbano finds his answers to a murder in a theatrical play

Mimi Augello is visiting his lover when the woman's husband unexpectedly returns to the apartment; he climbs out the window and into the downstairs apartment, but one danger leads to another. In the dark he sees a body lying on the bed. Shortly after, another body is found, and the victim is Carmelo Catalanotti, a director of bourgeois dramas with a harsh reputation for the acting method he developed for his actors.

Are the two deaths connected? Catalanotti scrupulously kept notes and comments on all the actors he worked with, as well as strange notebooks full of figures and dates and names. Inspector Montalbano finds all of Catalanotti's dossiers and plays, the notes on the characters, and the notes on his last drama, Dangerous Turn--the theater is where he'll find the answer

message 2: by Icewineanne (new)

Icewineanne | 264 comments Never got around to starting the Montalbano series, can’t believe he’s up to #26!

message 3: by Sharon, Moderator (Netherlands) (new)

Sharon | 2434 comments Mod
Icewineanne wrote: "Never got around to starting the Montalbano series, can’t believe he’s up to #26!"

Try and see the quirky, excellent tv series made from the books...watched them for years and we absolutely love them. Like a lot of European series each like a small film in length and always good. Drama, personalities, location location location and good storylines...

message 4: by Ken, Moderator (U.S.A.) (new)

Ken Fredette (klfredette) | 4394 comments Mod
Icewineanne wrote: "Never got around to starting the Montalbano series, can’t believe he’s up to #26!"
He has many more books that were not translated into English so we will have many more books to read.

message 5: by Icewineanne (new)

Icewineanne | 264 comments Thanks Sharon, I’ll hunt out the series.

Ken, wonder why they haven’t translated them all? Should they be read in order? Perhaps not as it appears they’re cherry picking titles to translate.

message 6: by Sharon, Moderator (Netherlands) (new)

Sharon | 2434 comments Mod
Montalbano is like any series the stories are referred back to, characters age and change as do the relationships so order is best imho..... Lots of years of change too.

message 7: by Ken, Moderator (U.S.A.) (last edited May 27, 2020 07:11AM) (new)

Ken Fredette (klfredette) | 4394 comments Mod
I have 16 of his books and each one is a stand alone to me. They can be read out of order and every which way. I've read them several times and for the most part he has all the same characters in the stories but all the criminals change. Over the years it seems to waffle between Livia mostly and a few other women as love interests such as Ingrid. Each character has a special place in his books such as Catarella used as a comic relief, Mimi is used as a womenizer, and Fazio is a hardworking policeman always using data to make Montalbano crazy. But each book is written with short dialogues between Montalbano and other characters in short chapters which I like. I have to laugh at what Camilleri puts down in words he's always using this to trip you up.

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