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message 1: by Dan (last edited May 25, 2020 09:39AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dan | 773 comments I am excited this story collection won our poll for Group Read for June. It was published this year only a few months ago. Kathe Koja has not been very active in writing during the past ten years, choosing to engage in other activities. Hopefully this collection signals her return to an interest in writing rather than a last hurrah.

We (the group) have read one of Koja's stories before. It was titled "The Neglected Garden" and appeared in The New Weird. There were many stories I didn't care for in that collection, but this one was an exception. I gave it the following review a day and a year ago here at this group as follows: Next came Kathe Koja's "The Neglected Garden." It was about a man wanting to break up with a woman. She preferred to work on the relationship and to wait until the man came around to her point of view. She took being hard to get rid of to a new, horrifying level. This story was cute, in its way, and as short as it needed to be to get the point across. 4 stars. I still remember this story as vividly as every guy who has ever seen "Fatal Attraction" remembers that film. Both works strike the same visceral vein of horror.

Koja's name is the third to last one (of many) in the "START HERE: About This Group" introductory post to this group. Other members in this group seem to really appreciate Koja's work. I recall Merl giving the same above story five stars rather than my four--it was just too creepy for me to say I loved it. I am glad to finally be able to give Koja's work some additional attention. For me personally, the first story in this Velocities collection will be only my second read in her oeuvre.

message 2: by Dan (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dan | 773 comments In the Videos section I have posted a YouTube review of Kathe Koja's Velocities that contains no spoilers in case you're considering reading the book.

message 3: by Dan (last edited Jun 05, 2020 09:18PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dan | 773 comments I read the first story of the collection, "Eventide," three times. I still don't completely get it, but I give it four stars nevertheless. I liked the conflict between the man who wanted a shadowbox (that's the Navy term for them and though not used in the story that's what was the topic) and the woman who made them, but didn't want to do his. Here's a page that shows some: If you know a person who is retiring and your office wants to get them something special, nothing I can think of is more meaningful or valued than one of these.

It is my third Koja story overall. I haven't read any of her novels yet. She has four stars twice from me now and five stars once, and I'm a tough evaluator when it comes to short stories. Koja is killing it. Looking forward to the next story.

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