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message 1: by Joost (new)

Joost (joostverstraete) | 14 comments Could you add the cover of this edition of the book by Hemingway - Dutch edition:

Cover can be found here:

I couldn't find the cover on any of the sites goodreads suggests (it's from the 70s) - but I do own a copy with tyhat cover myself.


message 2: by Alex (new)

Alex | 2739 comments The site you have provided does not seem like a source we can use for covers or book data (see here ).

If you would like to provide a photograph/scan you took of your copy's cover, you can upload it here:

Just let us know when you are ready so we can proceed.

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex | 2739 comments Note you will have to make your profile public for a short while in this case. Otherwise, you can upload your photo to an external host and we can get it from there.

message 4: by Joost (new)

Joost (joostverstraete) | 14 comments Hi Alex - I uploaded the cover - here:

message 5: by Alex (new)

Alex | 2739 comments Sorry, I can't access it as your profile is set to private.

message 6: by Joost (new)

Joost (joostverstraete) | 14 comments oh dear, and you did mention that - sorry. It's open for goodreads members now, does that work?

message 7: by Alex (new)

Alex | 2739 comments No problem! And, done. You may delete the photo from your profile and adjust your privacy settings as you prefer.

message 8: by Nora (new)

Nora | 2 comments Dear Alex,

Would you mind doing the same for this book:

I've added the photo to my profile and changed the settings.

I thought I mistakenly forgot to add a picture to this addition and like a fool tried it again so there are two books. Would you also be able to delete this entry so that gets fixed?:

Sorry for the mess I made. Would be great if you could fix it.

Thank you.



message 9: by Alex (new)

Alex | 2739 comments #8 No worries, done. Duplicate queued for merging.

message 10: by Joost (new)

Joost (joostverstraete) | 14 comments Thank you, Alex!

message 11: by Nora (new)

Nora | 2 comments Thank you Alex!

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