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Gerard's house (that's not yet a home)

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This is Gerard's houseeeee

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Gerard walked in with Archer. He plopped down on a bean bag.

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Archer came in, looking around. He sat on the couch, pulling his legs up and crossing them. "Okay... well... talk."

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Gerard shrugged. "Well... where should I start?"

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Archer shrugged, looking away. He slipped his shoes off, then laid down on the couch, looking up at the ceiling.

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"Ooh, I know! I'm an insomniac and I have OCD." He said excitedly, then added more glumly, "And, um, I lost a lot of people in my life. So I don't get attached."

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Archer turned his head to look at Gerard. "I'm sorry.... But you know not everyone leaves, right?"

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Gerard shrugged. "Almost everyone." Then he glared at Archer. "Don't you dare pity me."

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Archer turned onto his side, wrapping his arms around himself. "Why not?"

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"Because. I hate it." He said, and stumbled into the kitchen. He got some marshmallows and plopped back down.

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Archer turned back onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. His expression was pained. "Well, too bad," was all he could manage before falling silent.

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Gerard looked at him angrily. "Everyone has left me. And they didn't give me pity when they left. So why should you?"

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"Because. I actually care about people, alright?" Archer snapped, still looking up at the ceiling.

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Gerard took that like a blow to the heart. "Ouch." He said, looking down.

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Archer sat up and hugged his knees. "I'm sorry... But.... I'm not just here for the fun of it. I do care..."

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Gerard sat silently. No one really cared about him. Void barely said anything. His parents kicked him out. Only Andrew had cared about him, but then he died. Gerard pinched himself hardly.

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Archer stood and walked over, then sat down in front of Gerard. He took his hands and stared down at them. "I do...."

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Gerard didn't look him in the eye. "I believe it, but you're going to leave soon too. Once Julian comes back. Once you decide I'm not worth it. Once you decide I'm too drunk. Once you decide I'm too crazy." He whispered.

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Archer laughed a dry laugh. "You're the crazy one? You're the drunk one?" He rolled up one of his sleeves, revealing several oozing sores. He slid his sleeve back down. "Heroin." He pointed to his red and sore nose. "Cocaine." He held up his hands, which were shaking. "Alcohol." He crossed his arms, looking Gerard dead in the eye.

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Gerard smiled and pointed to all of the scars on his arm. "All of those plus cutting." He looked down. He hated his scars, but it was what made him him.

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Archer rolled his eyes. "Welcome to the club. I cut too, there's nothing special about it."

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Gerard looked up at Archer. His head was cocked. "What happened to Julian?"

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"I don't know, okay?" Archer snapped. "I don't know where he is..."

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Gerard looked back down. "Okay, okay. But that's the same with Void..." He trailed off.

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Archer just shook his head. "I'm still angry at you..."

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"Why?" Gerard stared at his shoes.

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Archer stood, pacing the room. "Because! I seriously doubt you do heroin. Cocaine, maybe, but not heroin. You're just doing that to show me up. Because for some reason, you have to be better than me. You have to be more depressed than me. It's stupid!"

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Gerard was hurt. He walked out and went to the woods. That Archer was a drama boi.

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(( can archer go to the woods? ))

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((No, I'm salty now. Cause Archer isn't being dramatic.))

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(( k I'll bring him back sry! ))

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Archer sat on the couch, his arms and legs crossed. He was fuming. "Seriously? You're just going to leave? Oh, wow, run away from your problems. Sure...." Archer shook his head. "He just has to show everyone up, doesn't he? It's just a competition, isn't it? He has to be the most depressed, or everything will fall apart. But, in the process, he invalidates me! If I say I do crack, then he says I do that AND cut, then that's purposefully making things a competition and invalidating me!"

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(( wait lemme delete mine and put it after ))

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Gerard slowly walked back in, his head hung. "Look, Archer, I'm sorry. But I wasn't 'pretending to do heroin and cocaine'. And if I did pretend to do cocaine and heroin, that's sick. And I've been clean. And I don't care if you're more depressed or whatever than me. Why do you care?" Gerard shook his head.

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(( Gtg - lunch ))

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Archer scowled. "Because you invalidated me. I trusted you with something personal of mine, and instead of saying, 'Oh, I'm so sorry, it's okay,' or something like that, you said, 'Same, but I ALSO do this.' You basically just said, 'Yeah, that's true you do that, but I'm better because I do that PLUS this.' That's just shitty human behavior, plain and simple. And don't think I'm being dramatic, because I'm not."

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Gerard looked down. "It's instinct. I'm sorry." He walked closer to Archer and hugged him.

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Archer hugged him back, his expression softening. "I forgive you..."

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"Sorry." He whispered again.

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"I said it's okay, alright?" Archer said softly. He pulled Gerard down so he was sitting next to him.

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Gerard shrugged. "I tend to hurt people a lot."

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"You know you didn't hurt me, right? I was just mildly angry..." Archer said.

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Gerard looked down. (view spoiler) He didn't say anything back. He bit the inside of his cheeks because the silents was deathdefying.

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Archer gently laid one of his hands on the side of Gerard's face. "Are-Are you okay? I'm sorry..."

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Gerard nodded. "Are you?"

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Archer withdrew his hand, wrapping his arms around himself in a hug. "Yeah."

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Gerard pulled him into another hug and then let go.

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Archer didn't let go. He held onto Gerard, resting his head on his shoulder.

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Gerard smiled genuinely. He kissed Archer's forehead.

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Archer looked up suddenly, looking into Gerard's eyes. He thought for a moment, his breath catching, then kissed him gently.

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