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message 1: by Chada (new)

Chada | 19 comments Mod
here our dear authors membrescan share with us a small idea about there books or some advices about writing!

message 2: by William (new)

William | 7 comments I can give lots of advice on writing. Besides being a life long writer and teacher of creative writing. The biggest is write everyday. And read. The more you do both the better you will get. You'll over come issues. Every writer has doubts and every draft sucks. keep working at it. If you have a specific question ask and i'll share what i do. What i tell my CW students is take what i throw at you and if works use it if not try something until it does work for you.

message 3: by Chada (new)

Chada | 19 comments Mod
oh thank you so much Mr.Schlichter for those advices actually I've tried to start a book but I really couldn't continue writing it cause I didn't have lot of ideas and in that moment I didn't have read lot of books so I think now the solution is to read more and when I will find myself capable to start a book I will immediately and I will try to write and read every day!! Thank you so much again for your advices Mr.Schlichter

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