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message 1: by SarahKat, Buddy Reads (new) - rated it 5 stars

SarahKat | 3065 comments This thread is to discuss Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.

Pages: 301 pages

Length: 1 Month (June)

Participants: Ruthie, Alexxy

Everyone reads at their own pace during a Buddy Read. Because participants can be at different parts of the book at different times, it is extremely important to mark spoilers so that the book is not ruined for someone who is not as far along as others!!!

Mark spoilers by placing {spoiler} before the text and {/spoiler} after the text but use the < and > instead of the { and }.

Happy Buddy Reading!

Kandice I've read this twice and would like to give some (unsolicited, I know) advice. The first time I read it was upon it's release and I didn't much care for it. Then I saw Neil Giaman speak and he read one of the tales at the event. It was hilarious! It's meant to be read so. I had mistakenly read it a bit like Aesop's Fables. Moral based, so a bit funny, but not actually meant to be comedy. I was wrong.

I hope that changes the way you rea dit because when I reread I ended up really, really enjoying it! I may even cherry pick a few to read as you go along.

Rachael (allons-y-bookworm) | 3202 comments I read this a couple of weeks ago. I think the book is designed to be read aloud as it has a lyrical quality. Hope you enjoy it.

Jessica Robinson (jessicathebookaddict) | 73 comments YES PLEASE! Count me in! :D I have had it since the release date but I have had my hands full with other books since then Xxx

message 5: by Ennie (new)

Ennie | 14 comments I'm tempted to join... I tried to read this a little while ago but never actually finished it.

edit - just found an audiobook, now there's no excuse.

Ruthie (ruthieram_reads) | 985 comments Cool and good to know! I haven't started it yet but will let y'all know when I do

Elle (elevatedbliss) | 65 comments Hi Everyone,
I'll join this discussion as Ruthie and I selected this to read together from our TBR lists.

Sara Carvajal (sarajoha) Hi!! is is too late to join?

message 9: by Trisha, Buddy Reads (new)

Trisha (trishabisen) | 2219 comments Sara wrote: "Hi!! is is too late to join?"

Absolutely not! You can join in any time! :)

Alexxy | 270 comments Hi everyone!
How are you all doing with the book?

I finished a while ago and absolutely loved it. Its humor was my favorite part, I had many a moments where I laughed out loud. I also loved the stories, specially since my knowledge of Norse Mythology is not much and there were many things I learned from it as well.

All in all, an amazing book. Definitely a new favorite!

Jessica Robinson (jessicathebookaddict) | 73 comments I finished it on the 6th :) I couldn't put it down! I highly recommend it to those who have little to no knowledge of Norse mythology... It's a quick, simple and easy read :D

Ruthie (ruthieram_reads) | 985 comments Still haven't gotten it from the library! My library app says a few days.

Ruthie (ruthieram_reads) | 985 comments Finally got it from my library app and started today!

message 14: by Allie (last edited Jun 30, 2020 05:49PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Allie | 302 comments I read this in June without knowing it was a buddy read. I studied Norse mythology as a course in high school but that was many years ago lol. I like to learn about the Vikings more than Norse mythology but once I saw Neil was writing a book and then narrating it, I HAD to read/listen!

Since I was a bit familiar with most of the myths (though not all of them that were in there), I mainly found the humor in Gaiman himself than the actual book. Still a solid three stars though (which in my rating system means “I liked it”).

Definitely recommend the audiobook route if you’re into audio!!

Ruthie (ruthieram_reads) | 985 comments I listened to the audiobook and I enjoyed it! Would have liked even more stories.

Here's my review:


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