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Where the Crawdads Sing
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Adventure - May 2020 > (Pages 255-end): Sunday Justice -> The Firefly

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Hanna North | 14 comments Mod
Hello Bookadillos!

I hope everyone is staying safe and has been enjoying the final section of the book! I was BLOWN AWAYY by the ending and could not have enjoyed this book more! I won't touch on the finale so there's no spoilers for anyone who hasn't made it there yet, but wow I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks in the final discussions.

The biggest impact this section of the book had on me was reading Kya's experiences of being in jail. I think because the theme this month was adventure, it was so interesting to read about her survival and adventures as a child and then to experience this stark contrast of incarceration and what it did to her mental well-being. Especially since we have all been in quarantine for some time now and I identified with stages of her grief, having gone through phases of shutting myself out since lockdown began made me think about the freedom to adventure and what that means. Kya is an adventurer and an explorer and I can definitely understand how she didn't want anyone to visit her in jail and how she declined to speak about her alibi. To me, adventure is the experience of fully in-the-moment exploration, whether that's emotional or physical, and can be as simple as leaving your phone at home while you walk in the park. That feeling of not having to answer to anyone is adventure to me as much as climbing a mountain! Thoughts?

What did you think about this section? How did thinking about Kya's incarceration make you consider this month's theme? Share some favourite quotes and moments that stood out to you in the thread below!

Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the end of this fantastic novel!

Tearsa (turrsaturrsa) | 19 comments Mod
Sheesh. Just finished. What a book!

I have to say the part that she’s incarcerated was the part of the book I had the most remorse for her. To be completely put in that element so foreign to her. But how fitting was Sunday Justice, the name and the place he had for her. And during the trial when they rattled on, all she wanted was to curl up with Sunday Justice.

This last section was so meaningful from the development of her character who chooses self respect, to the terrible terribles of what Chase revealed himself to be, to the trial and her in the cell, to everything that happened after. I just am so thankful we chose this book! So good.

A quote I take from this section isn’t much part of the story, but a moment I appreciate the author taking:

“And one day, some women from Ohio walked into the Dog Gone Beer Hall, never imagining they were the first females to pass through the door...adults of either sex or color can walk through the door now, but the window which was cut out of the wall so that women could order from the sidewalk is still there.” P 362

(I chose this so to avoid any spoilers of any kind for the end)

Ever stop and appreciate those moments of history, which a place stood for something else entirely, and impactful moments like these two women from Ohio changing the course completely. I though that was neat.

Ahh, Bookadillos. Thank you for the adventure on this one.

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