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message 1: by Becca (new)

Becca Bookish (beccasbookishblog) | 4 comments Hey! I've started a book club on Instagram, and if you'd like to join just comment your username!

The basic idea/info:
1. Everyone who wants to be involved, can be involved!
2. The group will choose a book and set a date that it should ideally be read by. Then the group will discuss the book etc.
3. The group is not meant to cause stress etc. so you can participate as much or as little as you want.
4. The group will be on Instagram, but if there is too many people wanting to join, I will set up a forum/group on my website as well and maybe have two+ gc on Instagram.
5. Any ideas, suggestions and wishes are welcome!
6. New comers are welcome at all times.

If you have any further questions, please do ask!

Have a great day/night and stay safe!

message 2: by DarkHeraldMage (new)

DarkHeraldMage | 3 comments I'd like to throw out an offer to avoid double work - I love the idea of a group on Instagram and would be excited to take part, but if anyone wants to join a larger scale book club in addition (not replacement) to this one, instead of starting from scratch you're all welcome to join my existing group on Discord. There are over 4300 members all over the world, we feature two books a month with a number of other buddy reads that people decide on together going on when they have time, and we just talk books all day. We'd love to have anyone else, and since we have an Instagram as well (not for book club purposes, but just to showcase books) we love to show off other bookstagram people.

If you're interested, our Goodreads group here has the info on how to join the group. <3

message 3: by Meghna (new)

Meghna S | 4 comments I am interested, was looking for new bookclubs

message 4: by BookswithElena (new)

BookswithElena (bookaholic_e) I am so interested and would love to join 🤗

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