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The author will give a free book in either mobi or epub formats to people in exchange for a review. I have two books seeking reviews:
The Forest of Allund
The Laughing Gods

Both books are set in a world similar to Ancient Greece. The books deal with a young mage as he return from the Academy. He seeks only to join his human and non-human friends as caretaker of the forest. He soon finds himself immersed in a world of barbarians, invasion, war, destruction, politics, and intrigue. Although initial successful with the barbarians, his success makes him a target of his own political leaders. Our hero soon finds that all the knowledge of philosophy, ethics, morality, and responsibility taught to him at school do him no good when someone has you at the sharp point of a sword. He he finds he must either fight, run, or die. That fight will be vicious, intense, and contrary to the laws of Gods and men.

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Tiny Sparks (tiny_sparksx) | 10 comments This sounds so good!!!
Do I ever wish that I had time to read! I'm writing and promoting constantly plus taking care of kids and housework. Feeling sad now!
I love Ancient Greece and Mages...

Good luck to you!!!

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