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A.R. Merga | 2 comments Rory Malkinson is a teenage boy with a wonderful life, a great set of friends and an even better family. Whilst out one day in the local woods (a place affectionately known as 'the rucks'), and hiding away from his brother, he falls into an old mine shaft when a concrete cover collapses. When he regains consciousness, he is surprised to see a young boy named Norman with an old gas lantern sat further down the mine shaft. With a sprained ankle he has no choice but to rely on him to try and find an exit. It quickly becomes obvious there is more to this chance meeting than meets the eye when a strange and mysterious character appears in the darkened tunnels ahead of them. Follow Rory through this twelve part series, as he embarks on a quest to save the world of Pretoria from the evil Appeal Holdings company.

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