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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Book about orphan brothers sent to live on farm with an old couple who abuse them. The younger boy is the main charector.

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Sneaky | 1 comments Book about two orphan boys sent to live on a farm.

I read it in school 4 years ago in grade 5 in Canada, Alberta

They are brothers and they have their mom dies while they are young, they go to an orphanage and then the orphanage sends them to a farm. On the farm there are an old married couple who are abusive and mean, the women is a very bad cook and the man hits the boys. The boys do a lot of chores on the farm and have to go to school, the younger boy is the main character and likes drawing and does bad at school. The older brother runs away in the first half of the book and leaves his brother behind so the couple make him do even more chores. He gets in a fight at school at one point and makes friends with an old lady who takes care of animals and everyone thinks is crazy. At the end of the book it is winter and he runs away from the farm and goes to live with the lady. The police and the old couple find him but the church pastor (I think) convinces everyone to let the boy stay with her.

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Becca (beccalikesbooks) | 2177 comments I don't have any specific suggestions, sorry, but it might be on this list - Runaways in YA and Middle Grade Fiction.

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