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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Nonfiction (I believe) about two "brothers", one of whom's father shot the boy's mother, causing one of the boys to take in the other.

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Saahil | 1 comments The book I am trying to find's title has completely slipped my mind, I vaguely remember it being something along the lines of "The Good Old Days" but I could be completely wrong.. It was about two young boys who frequent a bar and play poker (or maybe it was pool, I have a horrible memory). *Spoilers ahead* At one point, they get caught cheating, and the men they were playing against threaten them; they jump them when they leave the bar, and they threaten to shoot the boys. The bar owner defends them with a shotgun and gets killed by a gunshot to the head. Later on in the book, the boy whose mother was killed by his father gets caught by the other boy for selling drugs. The second boy turns the first boy in to the police, and their relationship is permanently damaged.

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Nóinín (fagurfifill) | 162 comments That Was Then, This Is Now
It's fiction, though.

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