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message 1: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany  | 545 comments I recommend The Cure for Dreaming. It was awesome! It's YA historical fantasy, and very very feminist.
The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy was good too, but it's a sequel.

message 2: by Sanna (new)

Sanna Anderson (sanna_elizabeth_anderson) | -7 comments @Adela, I'm glad someone finally recommended this one! I've been meaning to read it, but haven't gotten the chance yet.

message 3: by amia (new)

amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) jane eyre is a classic feminist book

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) | 88 comments I am Malala is a favourite of mine ❤️!

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) | 88 comments And lots of my friends recommend The Henna Wars

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

"The Lilac Girls" by Martha Hall Kelly. Tough read, but really good.

message 7: by Rheanna (new)

Rheanna (goodreadscomuser_rheanna) It's already been said but The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy (and some parts of The Gentleman's Guide) is a great feminist book. Also basically any classic written by a female author, due to the time it was written it can seem un-feminist and submissive, but the female characters are actually pretty feminist in relation to setting. And Wilder Girls definitely.

message 8: by Sofia, Bookish Fangirl (new)

Sofia (sofloaf) | 13301 comments The Vanishing Half is soooo good. It's not specifically feminist, but it's empowering.

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