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Hazel soon arrived home and had to carefully open his front door. When he got inside he closed the door with his foot, he slipped his shoes off and headed upstairs to his room. He placed her on the bed. He looked at her before walking away from her. He grabbed a towel to dry her hair a little bit. He sat down next to her and lifted her up again and tried to dry her hair as much as possible. He knew he had to change her out of her normal clothes because if he didn't she could get really sick. "Ugh.... please don't kill me when you wake up." He laid her back down and started to move her body to get her wet clothes off of her. He grabbed one of his shirts and slipped it onto her body and found some sweatpants she could wear. He slipped those on her body as well trying really hard not to look. He had to move her again and slip her under the covers in his bed. He walked over to his fireplace and started a fire for her. He grabbed all of their wet clothes and put them into the washing machine downstairs. He then sat down on the couch and thought about what just happened. ".... I just brought a girl back to my house. She's going to kill me."

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra felt wet. Wait she felt wet? That ,meant she wasn't dead didn't it? It was warm though. There was a warm feeling coursing through her veins. Wait. If she wasn't dead, and she wasn't still drowning where was she? Cassandra debated on just falling asleep and ignoring the fact that she could be in serious danger by the fact that she was in a strange area and deal with that when it was morning but she knew that wouldn't be wise. She opened her eyes carefully and found that she was in a house of some sort. She found that the warmth was from a fire nearby. Wait. If she had just almost drowned shouldn't at least had clothes be wet. Wait WHAT? She looked down to see that she was not wearing her clothes from before. She was in a larger shirt and sweatpants. She sat bolt up. What on earth was going on? She breathed in and out trying to calm herself. She got out of the bed and stood up swaying because her head was still dizzy. "Hello? " She called out of the room?

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Hazel had eventually dosed off for a little bit, only because the hike plus the swim wore him out. You had the responsibilities of taking care of another person on top of that he ended up exhausted. Hazel often fell asleep on the couch if he was watching TV or something like that. He was in that weird state of being awake and asleep. She he heard someone yell hello he jumped awake. He sat up slightly and looked around. "Fell asleep on the couch again" he pushed himself up and headed over to the stairs. He looked up the staircase, did he want to go in? well it was his house he had to confront her soon. Better now than later. Hazel walked up the stair's quietly and headed towards his bedroom. He took a few deep breaths before having to enter the small yet cozy bedroom of his. As soon as he poked his head inside the room he gave a small smile as he saw. He then leaned against the door frame. "Welcome back to the world sleepy head"

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra swayed a bit. "Did you save my life?" she asked. The man who was looking at her seemed nice. I mean he didn't try to kill her right away so that was great. And it seemed like he might have saved her life. "Wait am I dead?" she asked. She reached out and put her hands on something to steady herself. " Who are you?" She had a good many questions but she needed to sit down. This was very strange and she wondered if this was a dream. The man didn't look familiar so that meant that he was a stranger. He didn't seem to be hostile. And he was smiling a bit. He had a nice smile. She was still a bit dizzy so she sat down on what she assumed was his bed and beckoned for him to come forward and answer her questions. Also he was standing in the shadows and she wanted to have a look at her mysterious rescuer.

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Hazel watched as she swayed a little bit, he wondered if he should get her something to drink and tell her to sit down. Well he was going to tell her to sit down until he realized that she sat back down on his bed. He soon walked into his bedroom, the light from the fire place lighting up his figure just a little bit. He grabbed his chair that was sitting at his desk. He brought it over to the bed and sat down in his chair. "There is some water on the nightstand right there if you need some." Hazel told her and gave a small shrug. "You aren't dead I did save your life though. I can promise you that." Hazel started as he ran a hand through his hair. "My name is Hazel and I brought you back here after I pulled you out of the water. I thought it would be right to leave you out there to freeze or drown to death." He said to her.

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra watched him and noticed that from what she could see he was young. Older than her but not over 26ish she guessed. He seemed relatively attractive. Cassandra took a drink of water and she took a few deep breaths. So she wasn't dead. She felt a sweeping relief flow over her. There were so many things she still wanted to do. She looked into his eyes with her dark brown ones and said "Thank you. For saving me I mean. And for this." she gestured to the clothes and bed and how he had cared for her. I will be on my way and out of your hair." She said standing up . The room started to tilt a bit again and she grit her teeth slightly. She took a few more breaths and then everything seemed better. Clearer. She walked past him and down the stairs slowly giving her brain a chance to calm and began to make it out the door. She tried not to think about the fact that she was even more lost than before and she had no idea where she was going. All she knew was that she was getting a lone vibe from this man which meant that he was probably not safe. That and the fact that he probably didn't want her straining his hospitality any longer.

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Hazel grew a little confused, he didn't seem to understand why she was running off suddenly. Did people really not like him that much? He figured his parents and everyone else was probably right to exile him from the pack. Hazel listened to her leave and walk out the front door that only make a small smile spread on his face. This girl wouldn't be able to find her way back. He soon got up and went downstairs. He saw his front door open and saw that she may look a little lost. "So do you not want your clothes back? are you just going to keep mine?" he gestured to the clothes she was wearing. Not that he minded she looked adorable in his clothes. "Why don't you come in and change and I can point you in the right direction. You wouldn't want to get lost and hurt yourself again." When he had brought her back home he had to clean up her hand that was cut as well. He had no intention in hurting her or keeping her against her will. He would let her go if she really did want to leave.

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra blushed a bit. Did she really look that lost? "Um, well I mean I'm not lost. I just...... don't happened to know where I am going at this moment. I could probably find my way back but ummmmm...." she paused her stammering and sighed. "Yes I'm lost. Yes even though your clothes are extremely comfortable I want mine back and yes direction could be great." she admitted. "But I don't want to cause you anymore trouble than I already have. I'm sure I'll find my way back. Probably. Maybe. Possibly. Actually yes all of your suggestions sound good." she sighed again. "I am not used to being the damsel in distress. " She walked back in through the door and closed it.

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Hazel let her back in and once she was inside he walked towards the back of the house where he had the washer and dryer. He walked back over to her and handed them to her. "You have caused me any trouble." Hazel responded to her comment from earlier while she was outside. He was glad that she felt comfortable but he needed There is a bathroom right there" he pointed to a door that was downstairs. "Plus I can tell you normally aren't the damsel in distress." Hazel told her.

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra's lips began to curl up a bit as she began to smile. "Thank you." she said and then she grabbed her clothes from him and went to change. She came out a few moments later dressed in her clothes. They were jeans and a loose white shirt that had a knot on the side. She had just grabbed something random when she had escaped. She winced as she realized that there was still a deep cut in her hand. "You don't happen to be a medic do you?" she asked looking up at Hazel.

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Hazel waited for Cassandra to change into her own clothes. He felt bad that she didn't know where she was. He figured her family must be really worried about her. So of course he wanted to get her on her way as soon as he could. He would have shown more hospitality if he knew that she didn't have family or even a mate looking for her. He chose to live this way, away from everyone else and just being on his own. When she walked back out of the bathroom he saw her dressed in some nice looking jeans and the white shirt. It was a nice looking outfit on her. Hazel heard what she said about being a medic. "Hmm? no I'm not but I do have a lot of medical training. Does your hand still hurt?" he asked her, he had tried to clean it up when he brought her there.

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra nodded. She didn't want him to think she was a sissy or anything but she could not find her way back with a throbbing pain in her hand. She wasnt suprised that he wasnt a medic. She had suspected as such and while she didn't know where she was she had a feeling that she was talking to a loner and she was in the neutral territory. her mother had once said "They are basically the lazy group that never lends a hand and prefers to be hermits." Her parents had always taught her to despise loners for not choosing a path and sticking to it and she had only met a few that were all extremely hostile but he seemed different. Nicer. Just in case she hadn't told him any information. He didn't even know her name she realized.

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"Well it probably wouldn't be a good idea to go back with a wounded hand. Wait here, let me get my medical kit." Hazel went back upstairs and into his master bathroom that was in his bedroom. He knew how to fix people up well enough, he learned all of this from his mother. His twin brother and him had always gotten into fights when they were younger and one of them was always ending up bloody. Sometimes both of them. It was fair to say his mother was getting really annoyed with it. So she taught them both how to clean themselves up. Haze found the med kit under the bathroom sink. He then went back downstairs. "Why don't we sit at the kitchen table? I'm going to try and fix it up a little bit."

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra nodded and followed him. She wanted to ask him some questions as she hadn't really met a loner before and was brimming with curiosity but she wasn't sure if he would push her away if she asked. She sat down in a chair facing him and looked around fully. "You have a nice house." She said with a small smile. She wasn't worried about him attacking her or anything of that sort anymore. "So um Mr. how did you know that I had fallen? Were you standing by the waterfall when I slipped? She asked.

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Hazel opened the medical kit before gently taking her hand into his to bring it closer so he could work on it. "Thank you, I had a friend help me decorate it." He told her, which was true, one of the females that lived here in the community helped him with decorating. He grabbed an alcohol wipe "this might sting a little" he warned her. "Well I was at the waterfall enjoying some alone time and it was pretty dark out. When I heard something hit the water I'll admit it kind of scared the crap out of me. I wasn't expecting it. I decided to check it out and I found you. How did you end up falling anyway? don't they have bars up above?" He was referring to the railing.

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra winced a bit but then the pain faded. "Well I was running from my responsibilities and as it always happens when I run (in her wolf form she means) I lose track of everything but the feeling of dirt flying and tall never ending grass..." She trailed off for a moment as her eyes grew cloudy as she recalled the memory. She then shook herself back to the present. "Anyway that time it happened longer than usual so I ended up at the waterfall when it grew dark. I needed to make my way back so I decided to climb the mountain next to it to see if I could see my way back. It was dark though so that didn't work out. And a slip, my legs giving out, and a sharp broken bar later I ended up falling into the water and almost drowning." She finished.

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Once he cleaned up her hand he looked to see if it would need stitches something he didn't have at the moment. But he was sure he could dress it well enough until she got back home to see a doctor. He listened to her story about how she fell. "Well you were lucky that you didn't hit the rocks." Hazel told her as he grabbed some things from the medical kit. He applied some anti-bacterial cream on it. He then put some gauze on the wound and used sports tape to keep the gauze on her palm. "There, it might need some stitches so I would have the doctor look at it when you get home but that will at least keep stuff from getting inside the wound and it would stop it from bleeding too much." Hazel said, He put everything back into the kit and looked at her. "Time to get you home".

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra nodded. "Thank you." She said giving him a small smile. ((can he take her like right outside her house where no one is there? )) She turned and saw the sky that had been dark slowly lighting up. Thankfully the sun wasn't quite up yet. She stood up and waited for him to lead. She had given up on pretending that she knew where she was going. She hoped that he would lead her close to her house instead of giving vague instructions since she was terrible at directions. She was impressed by his nursing skills and wondered briefly why he lived out here all alone.

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"Yeah no problem, my mom used to hate it when I would rough house with my siblings. One of us always ended up wounded. She taught us how to clean ourselves up." Hazel stated, he then got up and pulled on one of his sweatshirts that way he could start walking her home. Once he found out what kingdom she lived in it was easy to get her home. There were a couple of different paths that led to the different kingdoms. He walked next to her as they headed down the path together, he wanted to make sure she got home okay. Hazel was still surprised that she trusted him enough to clean her wound and that he was allowed to walk next to her. He kept mostly quiet not really wanting to annoy her with questions or talking.

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra nodded. She enjoyed walking with Hazel. "How many siblings do you have?" She asked kind of shy. She wasn't sure if he would be bothered by her asking questions. She ducked her head slightly and said "You don't have to answer if you dont want." She was usually fearless and didn't care what others thought but for some reason she felt a sort of connection to Hazel though they just met and wanted to know more about him. She felt comforted that he was leading her home instead of just pointing in the direction and leaving her on her own. Not that she couldnt have found her own way back...Probably. She just..liked his company.

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How many siblings? Hazel wondered if he had heard her question right. He didn't think she actually wanted to know about him. He had stayed to himself for so long that he forgot that this was normal for people to get to know one another. "It's okay, I'll answer your questions." Hazel stated to her, he had to count them all in his head first to make sure he remembered. "Six, I have three half siblings and I have three full-blood siblings." He told her, he glanced over towards her "do you have siblings?" he figured he might as well ask, make light conversation with her as they walked.

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra looked at him for a moment. "Six? That's a lot." She continued walking step in step with him as she said "I have one." She didn't want to ruin the conversation by talking about her other sister who had died. She tried to think of a question to ask him that wasn't prying and that was acceptable considering they had only just met. She was dying to ask him a good many questions about how he was a loner but she didn't want to mention something that might be a touchy subject. She walked silently along trying to think of something. ((I requested a chamber so they can walk till its made))

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Hazel gave her a small nod when she said six, yeah he did have a lot of siblings, his parents had always loved kids. From what he remembered they wanted more but Alissa's birth was so hard on his mother that they thought about waiting or not having anymore. He didn't know what they had decided to do but it really wasn't up to him nor did he really care. "So you like running then?" Hazel asked her after a moment of silence, he would have liked to know what it was like just having one sibling. Would he have been closer to his family if he just had one sibling?"

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) A full smile grew onto Cassandra's face and it turned into a shy grin. "Love it more than anything in the world." She said closing her eyes briefly and imagining large grassy fields. " I could run forever if my legs didn't give up eventually." Cassandra loved running but didn't know how to explain why. It was like an escape. She didn't have to worry about duties or her parents or anything of that sort. She could just run and feel the wind pushing her along and the dirt and grass at her feet and the sun pounding down on her. Whenever she couldnt control her emotions, or grew angry, or just needed to get away from everyone she ran. She ran and ran until all of her other thoughts flew away. Sadly she couldnt control the joyous feeling that came with running and she would often forget who she was and all her responsibilities and just run until it grew dark or her legs ached and she was back in her human form with her right mind back in some strange place. But in her opinion that was a small price to pay for the joy of running.

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Hazel made a small laugh like noise. He continued his walk with her enjoying the early morning. He always loved midnight walks, they relaxed him. He glanced at her and it wasn't until now; with the perfect lighting that he realized how pretty she looked. "Running can be good for the soul." Hazel said as he looked back down the path. "Do you like where you live?" he asked her, he wanted to kind of know what he was missing by not living in the kingdom. He wanted to know what he was missing by not having family around. "Do you get along with your family?" he questioned. He was hoping none of this was becoming too personal.

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra looked up in surprise at his almost laugh. She decided that she would get him to laugh a real full laugh sometime whether in the future or that day. "I don't mind where I live and my family..." Cassandra bit her lip name and thought for a moment. "Well I get along with my sibling ((my sibling is being created so I'm not sure whether it's a boy or a girl yet)) but I'm often fighting with my parents. My mom goes along with whatever my dad says and my dad wants me to live a perfectly boring life." She sighed. " So I end up escaping a lot. It usually doesnt end up with me almost drowning though. " she said a hint of a smile creasing her lips. She looked up as it began to rain down on them not too hard but hard enough to soak into their clothes.

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Hazel couldn't help but smile a little bit when she said something along the lines of how most of the time it doesn't end up with her almost drowning. Hazel stretched a little bit and soon the path was coming to an end, they would soon be walking up towards the kingdom. "See here we are you really don't live that far from the neutral area." He figured that the walk probably went by fast because he actually had someone to talk to. He remembered what she said about her family. She didn't get along with her father either it seemed like. But her father seemed to still love her and want her around. "Well at least he let's you still live at home. Things could be worse. Have you ever tried talking to him about how you are feeling?"

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra nodded. "Well, yes. But he always changes the subject. Don't get me wrong though my family is great it just has problems like all the others." It seemed like they were almost there and Cassandra felt a bit sad that it was over so fast. She knew that once she had to say goodbye she probably wouldn't see him again. So she enjoyed walking with him while it lasted.

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(You know the chambers and apartments are inside the castle.)

~End of rp~

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 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Cassandra decided to text Hazel. ((sorry dont have bold))
"Hey Hazel, it was really nice hanging out with you at the bakery the other day.
Just so your aware it starts tomorrow and we need to get there at 2 AM because it opens at 6 and I cant take chances. Also trying to get some sleep even though it's the middle of the day since I'm not going to be getting a lot tomorrow. See u then! (heart emoji, smiley face emoji, sleepy face emoji, cookie emoji)

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Hazel had just gotten home from town, there were a few things that he had forgotten to get the other day. He was putting things away in the kitchen. He soon looked around his house and sighed a little bit. It was nice to live on his own. He hated the idea of living in a castle with so many neighbors he wasn't much of a people person. Soon his phone buzzed. He took it out of his pocket and saw that Cassandra had messaged him. He just shook his head but he had a smile on his face. Was she crazy? two in the morning. Well alright she was the boss.
"Well alright I'll see you at two in the morning then, I think I'm going to try to catch a couple of hours now." He attached a smiley face with a heart emoji and sent it to her.

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