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message 1: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa | 29 comments Mod
Hey everyone! I found some discussion questions online to share:

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." How does this line alert us to the tone of the novel? What does the line imply about women? Is it timeless or outdated?

What are your feelings about Mr. Bennet? Is he a good father? A good husband? A good man?

A young, unmarried woman today won't become destitute without a man, but marriage continues to loom as an expectation. What pressures does marriage put on a woman today? Are the pressures of dating any different? What pressures do marriage and dating put on men, and are they different from the pressures women face?

Also, feel free to ask your own questions and give your own thoughts (:

message 2: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa Castellanos (mrscastellanosela) | 15 comments What a change of pace! Going from the lengthy story-telling personal narrative of "Untamed" to the classic language of "Pride and Prejudice." When I sit down to read, I really have to make sure I have no distractions to focus on this book due to the dense and uncertain language. It forces my brain to engage instead of mindlessly wandering over words for surface level reading. It has been a fun challenge so far!

One of my favorite characters so far is Mr. Darcy. He seems to be the most complex character that seems possible of character change. The prejudice we put on him as a person surrounds the idea of propriety, decorum, and haughtiness. I have a feeling that he is going to be a dynamic character that changes with time. I enjoy the dialogue between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Jane Austen seems to have a talent of shaping characters through their dialogue. Elizabeth doesn't succumb to the expectations of women, and it is so appealing to Darcy. She refused to dance with him, and now he has to chase after her. I am enjoying the rising relationship happening between these two.

I find myself constantly annoyed with most characters. My least favorite would have to be Miss Bingley, the girl who is trying to find Darcy's affection. Her lack of depth or interest is actually comical. It was funny when she grabbed the next version of the book that Darcy was reading and she pretended to be enjoying it to get his attention. The next character that is comically annoying is Mrs. Bennet. Her unfailing ability to irritate and push away the suitors that she is so desperately trying to attract for her daughters is a nice touch to the novel.

Towards the end of this section of reading, we find out that Darcy cheated Mr. Wickham out of some money when his father passed away. It is easy to be quick to believe Wickham about this circumstance because of how Darcy has presented himself so far, but I am going to predict that this is not what actually happened. Maybe I am biased becuase I like Darcy as a character, but I have a feeling his intentions and background are not as "disagreeable" as he shows himself to be.

Clotilde | 1 comments Great question Alyssa M regarding marriage! I’m not married nor do I plan on getting married anytime soon (haven’t found my Mr. Darcy yet lol). It’s amazing that I live in Los Angeles where marriage isn’t a thing that I feel I’m getting pressured into. It’s so liberal here we just do as we like. Some couples move in together before they get married but I feel like it’s not looked down upon like it was in the times of Jane Austen.

My mom grew up in a conservative village in Mexico where it was much like Pride and Prejudice so it surprises me that more than 50 years ago people still had this mentality and some places still do. In my mom’s time, women were trained to be a good wife (to learn to cook, sew and do household chores). There’s even a saying we still use today where we say “ya te casas” meaning you can get married because you know how to cook.

Many of them also married young. My mom and her sisters got lucky that they were able to get married at whatever age they wanted, but other girls from their town got married really young. I just feel like it was the norm back then, but the times have changed now. More women are getting educated and putting their career first before getting married.

I can’t speak for all men but from what I’ve seen thru the guys I’ve dated, some of them are not ready to se down. They want to explore life and have their fun with women. In other words they’re just trying to love their best lives. I recently broke up with my ex be suspended he didn’t wanna settle down. I wasn’t asking to get married but at least to make plans for the future like us a moving in together in the near future. He didn’t see that. He just wanted to have fun and I feel like after 3 years of being in a relationship, I wanted more. I wanted stability .

It seems like women might be a more mature nowadays than guys but then again I can’t speak about all guys. I’m living in a time where marriage isn’t pressured and I’m just glad I’m living my best life right now surrounded with books I love.

message 4: by Brianna (new)

Brianna | 5 comments Alyssa wrote: "Hey everyone! I found some discussion questions online to share:

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." How does th..."

Whenever I read the opening quote of this book, I always think of it as more sarcastic than completely sincere, so the line sets up a satirical tone for the book.

As of right now, I would say Mr. Bennet is a good man and father (although he obviously favors Elizabeth), but I'm unsure if he is a good husband. He gives Mrs. Bennet a comfortable life, but it seems like he thinks very little of her and doesn't respect her, but that just might be common for that time period. Mr. Darcy is also turning out to be one of my favorite characters as well!

message 5: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa | 29 comments Mod
Reading this book is effortful! Like Alyssa said, it takes my full almost feels like a different language. But now that I'm getting into the story it's getting easier.

So far I've been surprised at the relatability of the characters and the story. It's been so long since I've read a classic novel and I love that a book from 200 years ago can still be relevant. I think that Austen must have a knack for timelessness because so many of her books have been adapted and reimagined as movies. I think Austen paved the way for rom coms by creating characters that would become archetypes for the genre...with Mrs Bennet as the overwhelming/embarrassing parent, Elizabeth as the smart leading lady, Jane as the kind, unassuming sidekick, and Miss Bingley as the original mean girl.

Mrs. Bennet is THE WORST and I think that Mr. Bennet making fun of her are some of the funniest parts of the book, but I'm not sure what that says about their marriage. Idk if he's a loving husband making light of his wife's hysterics or if his sarcasm is cruel and he is tired of the woman he married. I do think that Mr. Bennet wants the best for his daughters, but I don't think that he believes marriage is always the best thing for them...even if that's what is expected in society.

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