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Pan and Max SPOILERS!!!!!!
Georgia Fradico Georgia May 24, 2020 10:48AM
So, what do you think about Pan's feelings towards Max? For a good part of the novel I thought that Pan loved Max the same way Max loved him. But some of his attitudes made me doubt it a little. Like he constantly making Max jealous with Lorne, the insistence of telling Max what he should do with his powers and in the end when Max said that "Pan loved Lorne the same way he loved Nills". So, do you guys think that he was in love with both, that he didn't loved Max and only get closer to him because his powers, that he loved Max but was stuck in an abusive and unhealthy relanshionship with Lorne that he eventually would get out? Do you think Max and Pan get okay after the end of the book? Tell me your impressions about this relationship!

Hi there! Anyone care to share their interpretation of the ending? Does Max manage to get his powers back & save Lorne or not?

Yeah. I get so confused because on the two parts we get so many tender moments between Max and Pan that seemed so real and later in the book Pan starts making Max jealous, playing with his head and putting so much pressure about how Max uses his power. I really wish that Lorne plot didn't exist. And the fact that he raped Max and treats Pan shows he isn't a person to be around. I guess we will never be sure about Pan...

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Bill Agreed. The more I think about it, there is just no way to get around that confusing ending. I'm a big believer in the suffering of good characters be ...more
Jun 16, 2020 12:12PM
Martin To me it seemed like Pam was just using Max for his powers. He didn't really cared about him ...more
Jun 27, 2020 03:14PM

I think when Max decides not help Pan dig up the bodies from the cemetery, he loses Pan--but even before then Pan is seems mostly intrigued by Max as "other." That makes the ending so cool--Max and Pan together save Lorne even though Max knows that Pan loves Lorne more. Max gets closure by finally bringing a human back to life. But as most reviews have said, the ending leaves many issues unresolved.

Good question. I think he does but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or leads me to any understanding of what comes after.

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