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Cloaked Blade by Serenity Marie Serenity Marie

Title: Cloaked Blade
Author: Serenity Marie
Genre: Mystery, Science Fiction
Formats Available: Epub & Word
Time Frame: 4 Weeks
Copies Available: 80


With an election coming up and the change from martial law to democracy, ex president Steven Colescott has a lot on his plate. Things only get worse when he learns at a rally that his daughter Martha has been murdered. Determined to find her murder Steven embarks on a journey backed by the army. When all his suspect’s end up mysteriously dead Steven begins to believe the army is behind it. That the army has murdered his daughter in cold blood in hopes of gaining Steven sympathy votes.

Steven decides to take a stand and hold a campaign against army marrial law administrator John Roberts, only to discover that Roberts has been murdered. If things weren’t bad before this is when all hell breaks lose as the country goes into a riot and Steven is arrested for homicide. Knowing he’s innocent he can’t help but think who framed him. And most importantly if the army wasn’t behind the murder if Martha, who was?


As a new election begins, ex president Steven Colescott learns of the death of his daughter Martha during a rally on the change of martial law to that if democracy. Determined to find her killer, Stevens mission is supported by the army. All efforts seem to be in vain as the suspects they do obtain mysteriously begin dying. Within Stevens mind things begin to unravel as it comes to his knowledge that the army murdered Martha to gain sympathy votes for Steven. With this information I’m mind Steven decided to hold a campaign agains army martial laws administrator John Roberts.

When Roberts is also found murdered a riot breaks lose throughout the country and Steven is arrested for the homicide of General John Roberts. The next on the list for martial law admin lands on Steven’s wife General Alicia Fisher.

Two years pass and Stevens in now in jail alongside his wife. The women who confesses to be the reason behind multiple deaths and his own personal demise. All for the power that she would gain with both her husband and General John Roberts our of the way.

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sent in Tony's request

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I sent it Tony

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