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Owen came in with Rose. He looked around and said, "Ta-da!" He was glad that he had arranged everything before she had come in.

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"That's because I arranged it 5 minutes ago," he laughed.

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"Glad you like it," he smiled, feeling proud. He grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom. "See ya in a minute. Literally"

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He came out in 1 minute, true to his word. A towel was wrapped around his waist and he froze when he saw Rose, suddenly remembering he had company. His cheeks turned red and he got some clothes, putting them on quickly.

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He cleared his throat. He was wearing a gray short-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of black jeans. His hair was still wet and he had combed it back so it wouldn't be in his face.

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He nodded, still a little embarrassed and blushing furiously. "Yep"

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"So..." he repeated. He felt extremely embarrassed. "You wanted to show me the cafe?"

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He followed her out.

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Owen came in and grabbed his swim trunks, then left

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He came back tired and flopped onto his bed after changing. He fell asleep almost immediately

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When he finally woke up, he freshened up and changed into a red shirt and blue jeans. He texted Rose

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His phone pinged. He smiled, she was fast.

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He headed towards the entrance, pocketing his phone

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Owen entered with Rose on his back. He set her down on the desk.

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He smiled back and sat on his bed.

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He followed. "You're not making the food alone! I'm gonna help"

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"Anything," he said getting up and following her again, "I'm helping"

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He was taken aback. There were butterflies in his stomach and he just looked at her confused. He blushed and chuckled at the fact that he was so pathetic a simple kiss was making him confused. He got up and superspeeded himself to the kitchen, getting there before her. He shrugged, "I'm helping"

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"Does it look like it?" he laughed

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((sure i had that today except it was chocolate milkshake))

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"Wait what?" he looked at her confused.

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"What if I run away before you can?" he laughed, appearing behind her.

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He pulled out the ingredients and started working on a sandwich. "I'm pretty stubborn," Owen laughed.

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"So are both the sandwiches," he turned to her with two plates in his hand, smiling, "God of Speed at your service"

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They went to eat

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"So..." he repeated

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He smiled, "Nothing?"

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"Nothing," he laughed, shrugging

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((well he's a chicken so maybe rose kisses him))

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His cheeks colored and he looked at her. He brushed his hair out of his face.

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He blushed harder. "Shy isn't really the right word. Just awkward," he shrugged.

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"Did you miss the part where I told you you're my first girlfriend?" Owen mock-pouted.

((hm ok lets see how i can do that))

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"Does my awkwardness make sense now?" he laughed too, his cheeks slowly returning to their normal color. He stopped laughing and looked at her.

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ƦƛƔЄƝ (daydreamer18) ((yea same! Shaky start but love it!))

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((I guess he'll just scoot closer cuz they're sitting))

He scooted closer to her, still looking at her. "Are you gonna keep laughing at my awkwardness?"

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He smiled this time kissing her on the cheek. "Am I still awkward?" he whispered.

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"Shut up Rose," he laughed then kissed her on lips. It wasn't a peck this time, it was an actual kiss.

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He smiled, hia forehead against her. "Just proving a point," he said jokingly

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He smiled, he was glad she couldn't see him blushing. He hugged her back.

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"Nothing can get past you can it?" he chuckled softly.

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He laughed, gently pulling back. "I agree"

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((honestly dunno lemme think))

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((maybe they can go to the fields?))

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