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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. This is a fantasy story about a young adult witch. She lives in a seaside fishing town and her grandmother is the town's witch. She wants to become the new witch, but her mom has taken her away from her grandmother

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Crystal | 329 comments Hey guys, I'm searching for a YA fantasy about a witch. I remember this book perfectly - only read it a few years ago so feel free to ask more questions! The only thing I can't seem to remember is the books title...it was something kind of vague like "Salt and Brine" or something along those lines...

Basically this story features a young adult female protagonist who is the granddaughter of the seaside town's witch. In this world there is only ever 1 witch per town. When her grandmother dies, her descendants become the new witch and so on. The witch has a very important role in the town because the village relies on her magic to keep the fishing ships safe and intact during their trips.

But the problem is doing magic requires a horrible cost. Whenever the witch does magic, she is forced to experience the worst memories of her past and horrible physical pain.

Because of this, her mom refused to become the next witch and she kidnapped her daughter away from her grandmother (who is the main witch). Her mother likes fancy things like dressing up in nice clothes and watching theatre. She tries to convince the protagonist to enjoy her new pampered life but her daughter is determined to become a witch like her grandmother.

Eventually the girl sneaks to her grandmother's hut on the edge of the cliff - determined to learn magic. Her grandmother by now is very nearly dead/dying. Unfortunately she doesn't manage to learn much before her grandmother dies. And once her grandmother dies, all the ships start to sink (because the witch is the only thing holding the boats together).

Also here's a spoiler:
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Crystal | 329 comments EDIT IT'S SOLVED: I've found it at remarkable speed. The name of the book is Salt & Storm

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