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Alcohol Galorium (I made that word up)

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here’s my boys abode.
Julian opened the door, flopping onto the couch.

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Archer bounded in. He smiled, then sat down gently in an armchair. "It's nice to meet you, Juli! Got anything to drink?" he asked, lighting up another cigarette.

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Julian chuckled.
“Of course. What do you prefer?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

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"Vodka," Archer said simply, blowing out a bit of smoke. "Been a hot minute since I've drank, though."

((Archer's personality is literally just "addictive." He gets addicted to people and things too easily....))

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((him and Julian both lmao))
Julian nodded, grabbing a bottle off of the counter.

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Archer took a couple of shots, then sat back down. His face was flushed. "So, Juli, how you been?" he asked, slurring the words slightly.

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Julian’s response was one word as he sipped his drink.
“Dead.” But then he added, “and please don’t call me Juli.”

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Archer laughed boisterously. He stood and stumbled over to Julian, grabbing his collar. Flushed, he asked, "What are you gonna do about it, Juli?"

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Julian shoved Archer off of him.
“Beat the fuck out of you.” He replied, eyebrows furrowed. He’d just come back from the dead, lost the only person he cared about, and someone was already fucking with him.

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"Do it then." Archer held out his arms. "Beat the fuck out of me."

((Archer is also addicted to pain so-))

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Julian laughed, smirking.
“I see we’re very similar.”

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"I guess," Archer mumbled, suddenly sober. He walked into the kitchen, grabbing a sharp knife. He sliced open the top of his forearm, letting the blood run to his hand. He loved the way it looked, the red staining his light skin. All of the mental pain he had felt came barreling back, hitting him like a giant wave. Archer mostly ignored it, liking the feel of his shattered emotions. He turned to Julian, sighing. "Look, Julian, I'm sorry. For everything. I'll go, if you want me to."

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Julian took his hand, pulling him dangerously close. He swiped his thumb across the dripping blood, licking it off of his thumb. Before Archer would be able to blink, the injury was gone.

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Archer stayed close, looking into Julian's eyes. "Thanks," he said, his voice hot and low. Archer's hand was still in Julian's, and it became dangerously hot from the burning fire within his body.

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Julian smirked.
“You’re very welcome. And very cute.”


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Archer smirked, then rolled his eyes. "Uh huh. Like I'm going to believe that when you just threatened to beat me up." Archer grabbed his collar again, with both hands this time. "You, on the other hand, had better believe me when I say you're hot asf."

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Julian didn’t mind. He’d gotten used to being ‘threatened’.
“I don’t. Really.”

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"What do I have to do to convince you?" Archer asked, smirking.

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Julian shrugged.
“Rearrange your brain correctly to realise I’m the ugliest person you’ve ever seen.”

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Archer kissed him roughly. "I don't think I'd kiss the ugliest person I've ever seen." He let go, then sat down on the couch.

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Julian leaned against the wall, arms crossed casually.
“You might. You just did.” He said, stubborn as hell.
(Is Archer gonna get addicted to Julian?)

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((He already isssss))

Archer stood, then walked over and punched Julian in the stomach. "Quit it," he said, smirking.

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Julian let out a low groan, into it.
“Hell no.”

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Archer furrowed his brow, still smirking. "Fine." He punched Julian in the stomach again, harder this time. He enjoyed the ensuing groan from Julian.

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Julian’s groan was sharper this time, rougher.

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Archer laughed slightly.

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((yep lmao))
Julian raised an eyebrow, his voice raspy.
“Don’t laugh at me.”

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Zagon walked into the bar and got a beer

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(It’s not a bar lmao)
(It’s Julian’s humble abode)

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(( oof sry we need a bar imma make one rn ))

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Julian reached for Archer’s wrist, panicking.
“No- Don’t.. Don’t leave. It’s alright, It’s alright.”

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Archer sat down on the couch awkwardly. “I... um... why? Why shouldn’t I go?”

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Julian looked at him, tearing up a bit.
“Because I don’t want you to. Is that enough?”

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Archer nodded slightly, still awkward. He laughed. "I need a drink..."

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Julian chuckled, walking downstairs.
“I can handle that.”

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Archer knocked down a shot of vodka. The waves were still beating at the metaphorical shore in his head. "Why am I even here?"

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Julian sighed, elbows on the counter.
“Because I want you to be. But if you want to leave, you can. I’m not stopping you. It’s just.. lonely, isn’t it?”

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"No, no, no," Archer giggled. "Why. Am I. Alive? Like why?"

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"I'm addicted to smoking. I'm addicted to alcohol. I'm addicted to several different types of drugs. I get addicted to people. Why am I around? What good does that do, what good am I?" Archer asked, laughing. His laugh was hollow and broken.

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Julian sat beside him, eyes on the floor.
“Well, we could.. try and fix that.. together? Possibly?” He said quietly.

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Archer sniffled quietly, looking away. "Maybe.... But I don't think I can be fixed."

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Julian sighed.
“I don’t think I can either. But it doesn’t hurt to try, does it?”

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Archer pulled out the needles and syringes out of his pocket. He smashed them on the ground, the glass breaking. He took the cigarettes out and stomped on them, too, before smashing his small vial of liquor he kept on him. He was crying at this point, and sank down to the ground in the middle of the broken glass and broken addictions.

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Julian got him off the ground, pulling him into a hug.
“It’s not that easy, Archer.”
((view spoiler))

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"I know!" Archer screamed, shaking. He pulled away. "I can't quit. I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't...." Desperately, he tried to put the broken pieces together, cutting his hands. Archer ripped off his jacket, revealing scars from cutting. Revealing sores from needles. He stuffed the glass into his pockets, crying. His tears mixed with his blood on the floor. The waves in his head were roaring, drowning out all the noise and the pain. Archer coughed furiously.

((I know. I have a smoker in my family and have known people addicted to alcohol/drugs, so I know the process. Archer's just really dramatic and thinks he can do whatever he wants, but he's going to have a really hard time quitting. He's going to relapse and have to deal with the mental load. It's going to be difficult to rp, but I want to try. He's also got some mental issues, so that'll be interesting.))

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Julian shook his head rapidly, eyes wide.
“No! Stop!” He said, pulling Archer away from the mess. He put Archer’s face in his hands, meeting his eyes.
“Yes, you can. You can do this. But not alone.”
(What if Julian was on drugs in high school, and it got worse when he became a pirate, [because that’s what pirates do tbh] so he knows how this goes or sumn)

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Archer ran his hands down his face, making it look like he was crying blood. He shook his head wildly, eyes wide. The sores on his arms were angry, oozing, and red.


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Julian held him close, making sure Archer didn’t leave his sight.
“You’re going to be okay. It’ll take a while, but you’re gonna be okay. It’s gonna be worth it.”

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Archer sniffled, then leaned into Julian finally. He cried it out, not wanting to be alone anymore.

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Julian rubbed circles into his back, smoothing his hair back.

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