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E.K. Merchant | 6 comments The Heart of Hewitt: A Small-Town Romance
Hi There, I'm Evelyn! I just published my first romance novel, The Heart of Hewitt.

It is book 1 in my Seasons of Hewitt romance series.

Currently, my book is available for free on Amazon through Monday, May 25th. It makes for a great weekend or summer list read, and I hope you'll check it out!

"Abigail Dylan had it all in the big city - the perfect boyfriend, a steady job, and a world of exciting opportunity. At least that’s what she told everyone. When her father suddenly passes away, Abby must return to Hewitt - the small, midwestern town where her life began. As she grapples with her father’s affairs and his enduring legacy, Abby discovers a secret that thrusts her even further into the life she ran away from ten years ago. Overwhelmed by the decisions she faces, fiercely independent Abby is compelled to work with a handsome and stubborn stranger, a rancher named Ethan Collins, to set things right. The deepening connection she feels to him makes Abby question everything she thought she knew about herself, her relationships, and her future. Abby must reconcile a growing love for her town with her life in the city, navigate old and new friendships alike, and learn to tamper down her budding feelings for this strong and capable man. She has a boyfriend after all..."

message 2: by Ebonie (new)

Ebonie (tmobookie11) | 12 comments Just went to Amazon to get it - sounds like a great read!

message 3: by E.K. (new)

E.K. Merchant | 6 comments Thanks so much, Ebonie!
I really hope you enjoy it :)

So grateful for the support!

message 4: by Maritza (new)

Maritza Fleming | 104 comments Just picked it up thank you

message 5: by E.K. (new)

E.K. Merchant | 6 comments Hi Maritz, thank you for getting a copy! I truly hope that you find it enjoyable. This is such a great community and I’m so glad to be a part of it!

message 6: by Susan (new)

Susan Homan (susansunshinebooks) | 57 comments Thank you!

message 7: by E.K. (new)

E.K. Merchant | 6 comments Susan, thank YOU! I appreciate the support and am hopeful you find as much enjoyment in Hewitt as I have. Take care!

message 8: by Shebb (new)

Shebb I've just bought a copy - thank you! Is this your debut novel? All the best with your writing journey.

message 9: by E.K. (new)

E.K. Merchant | 6 comments Shebb, thank you so very much! I’m blown away by the support in this community. I really hope that you enjoy reading The Heart of Hewitt and getting to know its residents. It is my first novel indeed, and I have plans to continue the stories of those in Hewitt in two other books to follow. Take care!

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Dushica Labovich (dushicalabovich) | 1 comments Hi everyone,
I just published ebook and paperback "PRIDE AND INTENTIONS"
(Clean sentimental romance!)

If you like "The Notebook" by Nicolas Sparks or "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, I'm sure you'll like this book as well.

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