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Tikiri Herath | 83 comments Thank you!

* Title: The Girl Who Knew Their Names
* Author(s) name(s): Tikiri Herath
* Publisher: Nefertiti Press
* Publication date: (June 30, 2020
* Format: ebook
* Page count: 350
* Link to book page which includes the cover on a NON-BOOKSELLER site:

* Description:

She thought she’d snagged the most coveted catering job in Los Angeles. But she didn’t realize she was about to face the most powerful predator in town on her first day…

Asha arrives in the City of Angels, excited to start her new contract. She can't believe she's the official caterer to a plush Hollywood gala, a lavish party for the celebrated kings and queens of the silver screen.

What she doesn’t realize is her fate is inextricably linked to that of a haunted young actress.

Emma Foster holds a dark secret that can bring an entire industry down. But the most powerful man in the city is on to her. And he has one aim. To silence the truth. No matter what it takes.

Even murder.

In the middle of the ballroom filled with Hollywood glitterati, a shot rings out. And a cold-blooded murder gets live streamed around the world.
Asha will have to decide between keeping her team alive and saving Emma from a horrifying fate.

Enter the dizzying high-stakes world of A-list celebrities and movie stars, where those who wish to make it big are preyed upon by the most ruthless predators.

This is a gritty tale of crime and treachery that will take you on a heart-stopping ride from the glitzy Hollywood parties to the luxury super yachts anchored in the Santa Monica Bay. You will rub shoulders with fame and notoriety, but you must trust no one if you wish to come out alive.

“Drama, mystery, backstabbing, glamour, fashion and glorious cakes, bikinis, yachts and guns, this book has it all. It is a total package. It shows creativity at its best.” ~Advanced Reader. ~Advanced Reader.

Begin a wild ride around the world without getting a passport or even buying an airline ticket. Get it now.

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Tikiri Herath | 83 comments Thank you! You're the best.

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