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Elisa Hadly (ellahadley) Anathema

I have a curse, and yet a blessing
A creative mind is what they say, they say I build worlds but it’s to my own dismay.
You see a smile with brackets and wires but underneath wears a violent attire. One that can kill and bleed and choke, but still I take on his heavenly yoke.
I am cursed but not through supernatural ways. I am cursed through thoughts that show and play. I am wicked and you may not know it, but deep down inside my heart overflows with it.
I stab with swords into arm and heart but yet I cannot take any time apart.
I love and I hate so wholly it pains me because I don’t know how I became this way. Maybe it’s my own fault or maybe it’s yours but my twisted words will never be sure.
I am Anathema but not how you may think, I stab and I scream and bleed when it hurts. You left me and that’s fine, you’ve spent your own time. Raise a glass let us cheer for the one with the beer. Throw down my own woes and give off my blood because I already know what lurks in that lust.
I am bad and you will never say it but I believe it. Those words are written in the scriptures that may not say it. I read between the lines and kill with words and yet I’m still here, the mercy hurts.
I am Anathema and this I know is true, because the hardest part of this will be leaving all of you.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) You're amazing at writing poetry! Keep at it!!

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Elisa Hadly (ellahadley) Thank you! That means a lot!

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Helena S | 10 comments This is so cool! I love it :)

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Elisa Hadly (ellahadley) Thx!!!

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