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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Children's Picture book. Child uses a Chair for make believe - turns chair on its side to make it into a car/train/fort/boat etc. Read in 1990's.

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message 1: by Alix (new)

Alix (alixharvey) | 5 comments I read it in the 90's - a child uses their imagination to turn a chair into all sorts of things like a fort, a car, a boat etc. Lovely illustrations. Thank you so much!

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35672 comments Mod
Alix, sound like this a picture book?

Can you describe the illustrations - e.g., simple or detailed, realistic or cartoony, painted watercolors or bold graphics, bright or dark colors, black & white? Do they remind you of a similar illustrator or picture book author?

message 3: by Alix (new)

Alix (alixharvey) | 5 comments Yes a picture book. Detailed pictures, similar in style I think to "we're going on a bear hunt" - light colours, realistic more than cartoony.

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35672 comments Mod
Thanks. Added "picture" to the topic header. Feel free to update it.

"We're Going on a Bear Hunt" - which author?

message 7: by Alix (new)

Alix (alixharvey) | 5 comments Rainbowheart wrote: "Ugbu?

The Red Armchair?"

Neither of those unfortunately!

message 8: by Alix (new)

Alix (alixharvey) | 5 comments Rosa wrote: "Adventures of the Wishing Chair?"

Unfortunately not. It was simpler than that - like the kid turns the chair on its side and puts a cloth on it and it's a chair, sort of thing.

message 9: by Alix (new)

Alix (alixharvey) | 5 comments Bump

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