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latest book?

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message 1: by Beth (new)

Beth | 1 comments Hey guys, whats the latest book you read or hyperfocused on (/are currently hyperfocusing on)? My last one was a re-read, but I can't remember which book (maybe touching spirit bear or something else)!..... I did just read (partially) Hugging your Haters, for a college class though

message 2: by Mika J. Elijah (new)

Mika J. Elijah | 6 comments Ahhh I'm reading and listening to so many books at once! Atm I'm listening to The House in the Cerulean Sea as part of the book club I'm in!! I haven't listened that much yet but I'm really excited for it!
But I'm actually reading/listening to 20+ books at the same time aaaaaaaa

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