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message 1: by rousku (new)

rousku (callumia) i think mine is ACOMAF. even though i haven’t read ACOWAR or ACOFAS (yet). i also like the ToG series but i don’t know which of those books is my favorite.

message 2: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn Van Bakel | 17 comments I love all the books. ACOMAF is defenitely amazing! And for the Throne of Glass series I like Queen of Shadows an Empire of Storms the most

message 3: by rousku (new)

rousku (callumia) yes! i also like Tower of Dawn and Kingdom of Ash even though they are both a bit too long

message 4: by sam (new)

sam (blacktre4cle) | 2 comments obviously acomaf....... but who knows about cassians wingspan in acosf

message 5: by kylie (new)

kylie black (kylieeblack) | 6 comments queen of shadows or house of earth and blood win for me

message 6: by Casey Bee థ (new)

Casey Bee థ | 2 comments Literally the entire Throne of Glass series. I love it oh so much! ACOTAR series is enjoyable, but to me ToG series is leaps and bounds better. I was trying to put my finger on the difference and why I like the one series so much more than the other. ToG is a fantasy series that incorporates romance and ACOTAR is a romance series set in a fantasy world. And that, my friends, is a big difference and what makes the difference for me. As far as specific books within each series goes, I need to re-read’s been too long and it sort of melts all into one. Granted, one big story I love so much I even got a tattoo inspired by it. ACOTAR series I’ve only just finished and preordered number 4 so it’s much fresher. In that series my fav is ACOMAF.

message 7: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (amaelea) | 5 comments Heir of Fire for me. Something about the story arch for that one, i didn't REALLY get too involved with TOG until that one.

message 8: by kylie (new)

kylie black (kylieeblack) | 6 comments i'm changing my answer, acosf supremacy. nestas story was everything to me and i related to her so much and this book and how it dealt with certain things gave me hope and made me feel seen so yeah new answer but highly recommend my new favorite of hers.

message 9: by bhavya (new)

bhavya (bhavyaa) | 11 comments Kingdom of Ash and ACOMAF

message 10: by Tamara (new)

Tamara (tamara_reads) I have never read anything by SJM...

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