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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Paranormal Adult Romance: The being, Death, falls in Love with the girl whose Soul he was supposed to collect and instead decides to take a vacation and seduce her.

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message 1: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Bond (lkbond) | 1 comments I read a story about Death falling in love with a girl whose soul he was called to take. This story was included in a multi-author book whose title escapes me. I think at least one fairly well-known author had a story included in the book. It was from a few years back. I believe I may have read it in soft cover, so it may have been from more than 5 years ago.
The h in the story was born with a heart defect and never expected to live to adulthood. We discover she only lived as long as she had because the H refused to collect her soul. I believe that was all in a prologue. The story takes off when Death decides to take a vacation and join her and her rich family on their estate in the mountains. Her, I think it was her father or grandfather, (he was described as old) was dying. The H, Death, introduces himself to the h when he goes to her after she collapses on a hillside or something because of her weak heart, and she winds up taking him home with her because of a storm or something. He plans to romance & seduce her. There’s an evil brother or uncle or something and his slutty wife. (The slutty wife at some point tries to seduce the H. ) The uncle/brother plans to off the h and his wife and anyone else that gets in his way so he can inherit the dying man’s estate. Unfortunately for the evil one, Death has taken a holiday and no one can die until he returns to duty. The brother/uncle tries poison, carbon monoxide, etc., nothing works which make him crazier than he already was. In the meantime Death seduces the girl (she was a virgin because they worried her heart would give out if she had sex. For the same reason, she wasn’t allowed caffeine, but he tempted her into both saying she didn’t need to worry) The Father/Grandfather was at one point introduced to him and recognized him for what he was—Death and naturally freaked out Anyway, things come to a head when Death goes back on duty, telling the reader another would collect her when the time came because he couldn’t take her soul only to pass it on to wherever souls went, and the evil guy, crazy now because his repeated attempts to feign a fatal accident weren’t working, tries to kill everyone. Death does intervene and the h sees him for who he really is. Everyone is screaming at her to stay away from him, he is backing away from her and she asks him why. We get some explanation of feelings her and then she throws herself at him. However since she is holding onto him, he gets to keep her. It ends that way with them locked together in a separate realm vowing to be together for eternity.
The only other thing of note that I can remember was the author included a sort of explanation for why she wrote to story and how she had been fascinated by the thought of Death falling in love and taking a holiday of sorts.

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 34379 comments Mod
Leslie, that's a good start. However – you must add genre (e.g., adult paranormal romance) and more plot details to the topic header (title). We have thousands of book requests. We close threads with vague headers.

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message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert (ricroscupshigh) | 300 comments Probably not, but: Death, and the Girl He Loves?

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