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yanitta☏ (yanitta) | 70 comments Mod
Post your buddy reading events here! Make sure you post it at least 2 days before the buddy-reading event starts.

Buddy events YOU created will be managed by YOU! While buddy reads created by moderators will be in the BUDDY GROUPS category.

You can discuss how many pages or chapters you will read in a day or week or period of time, talk about what happens in the books or share your opinions and reviews, but please keep them spoiler free unless you state at the top of your comment whether there are spoilers.

Thanks! Enjoy!

Jadey (the Bookish) | 40 comments I'd really like to buddy read Truly Devious with somebody if anybody would be interested! Flexible on start date/how long for etc.

message 3: by Mahi (last edited May 24, 2020 10:10PM) (new)

Mahi | 114 comments I'd love to join the Truly Devious read and like to start the book from tomorrow if it's okay with you. Would you please let me know whether you're going to read the whole series, as i need to plan the other reads.

Jadey (the Bookish) | 40 comments I know I said I was flexible but I think tomorrow might be a little too soon sorry!! I need a few days to get hold of the book myself and a bit of time for others to see the upcoming read might let others who'd want to join get involved too. Would in about a week work for you? Also at this point I'm not sure about the whole series sorry! Having not read the first book yet I can't say whether it's something I'll want to continue on with

message 5: by Mahi (new)

Mahi | 114 comments Sure Jadey, I am just too eager to start Truly Devious as i am planning to read it from a long time, my mistake. Let me know the further details of the read with a date you are comfortable with.

Jadey (the Bookish) | 40 comments I have the book now, apologies for the delay in replying! Would starting June 2nd work for you? :)

message 7: by Mahi (last edited May 29, 2020 09:08PM) (new)

Mahi | 114 comments From June 2nd then. I have created buddy group for the read where we can have further discussion.

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