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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Adult Historical fiction- story about a girl living in an idealistic summer town and house-horrible hurricane/storm?

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Lauren Alyssa | 6 comments This was read somewhere between 2017-2018 and is a historical fiction book (I think). It also has romance and I believe a mystery or maybe seven flash between different stories and timelines aspect. It’s about a young woman and her family who stay at a beach or lake house each summer in a sort of idealistic town. There’s definitely a love story going on in some way. I remember there’s a significant part (maybe at the end) where there’s this huge storm (maybe a hurricane) and it definitely results in something significant but I don’t remember what!

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Lauren Alyssa | 6 comments I’m pretty sure the town is flooded and that’s particularly troublesome for some reason..

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Lauren Alyssa | 6 comments This is an adult novel and I believe written within the past ten years. It wasn’t an old novel.

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Thanks. Added "Adult" to the topic header.

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