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Elisa Hadly (ellahadley) A bullet in the head

A boom and a shatter, was his heart and her head. I’ve imagined this fate for you in my mind in the dark.
I have called myself wicked and evil and yet you never owned up to the mistakes you called mine. You may have not breathed my name but I’ve read between the line and you’ve killed with your own words. Killed me.
He cried tears in his cell, chains wrapped around his wrists. She cracked a gun, whipped it across his lips. He screamed in agony for a pain he didn’t understand, and yet she growled at him for the death of another man.
For who you are I do not know. The one in the cell or the one with the violent blows. You may not be either but one is me.
I am both.
You may cry tears but here is something I want you to understand with my harmful words in the work of my hands. It is not your fault and that may be a lie but you will remember that even if I did not try.
I’ve hated you for what you did, how your hands wrapped around her neck. How a bullet in the head is what I most dread. Not for you or for me but for her, because you invade my dreams.
I’ve seen a necklace of rope in the black of my eyes, a head wrapped around it with you inside. I wanted to scream and shout but the pain never swayed and when the dream was over I felt you made me this way.
—but then I paused.
And I took all of that back.
You did not make me this way but me, and you did not kill with words but me. You are not evil but me. You are not spiteful but me. Me
I will take the blame because that’s something you could never do, your fear that you could never subdue. So I tried to be better. To change things. But my deathbed may say other meanings

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Elisa Hadly (ellahadley) Thank you!

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Emily Burn | 1 comments Wow... Just wow.

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Elisa Hadly (ellahadley) Thx!!!

Phoenix (Books with Wings) That was really good!

Question, have you ever read Legend, by Marie Lu? There were parts of that poem that reminded me of the book.

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Elisa Hadly (ellahadley) Haha! You caught me XD

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Helena S | 10 comments !! So good !!

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Elisa Hadly (ellahadley) Thank you!

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